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The Workplace tab can be used to record a range of fields that are relevant to users who provide Industrial or Workplace Health services.

To Edit the information, click Edit and complete the required fields.
NB: Occupation populates to and from the Occupation field on the Social & Occupation Tab.
Month on Site automatically calculates when you save the employment record.

Configuring drop-down lists

A Client can also be considered as a patient's employer.
They are called “Clients” as the Service Provider organisation has a contract with that employer to deliver healthcare services.

To create data to select in the Client Name, Business Unit and Sub-Contractor/Company Name fields, you will need to go to the Client Administration page. You will be able to see the Client Administration if you have the required permissions. If you cannot see it, speak with your Org Administrator.

Read about Client Administration here.

Worker's Compensation

When creating an injury management record, the patient's employer details and occupation will populate from the fields on this tab.

To add a record of workers compensation, click the Add Compensation Record button, fill in the details and click Add.

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