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This page includes an example of a standard headspace workflow that is supported by a number of features in MMEx. Please use it as an example of how MMEx may be used to support a specialised service.
Many of these processes can be adapted to suit other service types.

Supporting MMEx Features

Duty Register

This register records all the calls/walk-in information via the Intake Form. Duty Register and Intake form are configured by MMEx Administrators. Please contact helpdesk if you wish to utilise a Register for your organisation.

For more information about using the Duty Register click here

Intake Form

Register records are created via Intake Form. The intake form is used to record key details about the patient including:

  • referral details
  • demographics of a yet-to-be-registered caller
  • initial response information
  • action details

The form is configurable with the ability to utilise optional sections including:

  • Allow Selection of Multiple Patients
  • GP Details Section
  • Worker Preferences Section
  • Client Aware of Referral Section
  • Risk Assessment Section
  • Current/Previous Involvement with Other services Section
  • Further Assessment Section
  • Consent Section

For more information about using the Intake Form click here.

Case Management

Case Management is an extension of the mental health module that enables a user to manage multiple cases from one location. Configurable lists enable customisation of the following sections:

  • Case Closure Reasons
  • Case User Categories
  • Case Categories
  • Additional details section that includes:
    • Phases
    • HAPI completion
    • registration onto e-headspace and
    • careplan signed field

Cases can be created directly from the Case Management page, or are created automatically when a Register item is allocated to a case manager.
For More information about using the Case Management module click here.

General workflow

The following represents a standard Young Person's journey through headspace with MMEx touch points noted.

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