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Women's Health

From the patient records click on the Patient Widget and select Women's Health from the Speciality column.

Adding a Pregnancy

Click the New Pregnancy button on the Current Pregnancy tab.
The complete Pregnancy Record form will open. There are a range of information fields - most fields are not mandatory, but are available for use when it is relevant and can be completed over time, save by clicking Update at the the top of the form.

To record the pregnancy you do need to record LMP and click Add Pregnancy. The estimated due date (EDD) will be generated according to this information and will display in the Patient Demogrpahic Header under Alerts.

The following fields can be updated when they are relevant to the pregnancy.

  • Obstetric History - displays any previous obstetric information
  • Summary of Risk Factors - is a free text field for summarising known pregnancy risk factors for the patient and an area to record progress notes about the visit which are inserted into the clinical record. You can also view previous progress notes here.
  • Contraception information can be recorded
  • Specific Dates (including the LMP & EDD are included here
  • Ultrasound can be recorded once the new pregnancy has been saved. Click Add New Ultrasound to record new ultrasound reports.

You can then use the rest of the form to enter details about the pregnant woman. Many of these items are elements of the general clinical summary. Click Add new pregnancy or Update to save pregnancy information.

The Examination fields will be populated with the data from the Antenatal Visits record.

Adding Previous Pregnancies

To add past pregnancies click Obstetric History and click Add Past Pregnancy, complete the details and click Save Past Pregnancy.

Antenatal Visits

Once a new pregnancy is added, two new tabs are visible

Select the Antenatal tab and click on the Add Visit button to add to the antenatal record.

Clicking on this opens the Antenatal record
The date and time will be auto populated when you open the visit. Work through the form and complete relevant details. Specific information can be captured at:

  • 14-17 Weeks
  • 28 Weeks
  • 34 Weeks
  • 36 Weeks
  • Final Antenatal Examination

First Antenatal Visit - alternative date

With organisation setting “Use Initial antenatal visit date” set to yes, the pregnancy summary will display the following additional administrative fields.

  • Initial Visit Date - allows user to record an alternate date as the first antenatal visit. This may be a visit where the details were recorded in a progress note and not in the antenatal visits section of the pregnancy record.
  • Gestation at First Visit - this is calculated based on the recorded EDD. If there is no EDD this will not populate.
  • Clinician - this is a free text field for recording the name of the clinician who completed the first antenatal visit.

Recording information in this field will create a new “first visit” date in the pregnancy record if the date entered is the earliest date recorded. No clinical data will attached to this visit date - the dashes in the summary table indicate this.

The visit will count towards total visits in nKPI and antenatal reporting data.

Antenatal Care Plan

Clicking on the Care Plan tab reveals the antenatal care plan. This feature of MMEx facilitates patient care through scheduling tasks that are to be completed throughout the pregnancy. This can be viewed at any time through the general care plans tab, and tasks will be prompted through the To Do List

To add a specific activity that is not in a care plan click on the care plan name to open the schedule, then click Add.

Select the relevant activity, click the Select button, adjust parameters if required and click Update button

Recording Pregnancy Outcome

At the bottom of the Current Pregnancy form is a section where the pregnancy outcome details can be recorded after the birth.

To record a birth where you are not an ongoing Service Provider to the Baby click on Add an Outcome. (For multiple births, create more than one birth record.)

  • This opens the Outcome Details box
  • Update the file
  • Clicking Save Outcome will save these details in the pregnancy record

Recording Pregnancy Outcome and Creating a Baby Patient Record

Complete steps as per the Recording a Pregnancy Outcome above

When you enter the birth details and save the outcome, clicking the button Create New Baby Patient Record creates a file for the baby in MMEx.

It produces a pop-up where additional baby demographic details can be recorded. This will put more information in their patient file. Their file will be automatically linked to the mother’s file as a family member.

If this file event is taking place before a Medicare number is available for the baby, tick “No Medicare number available”

Clicking Save will save these details in the baby’s patient file. The birth details are also recorded in the pregnancy record.

Update the file. The pregnancy is now recorded under the Obstetric History tab.

Click here for information on Antenatal Reports

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