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Past Release Summaries

Release 18.2.13


  • New Patient Programs
  • New Family of ATSI field
  • Substance Misuse in Custom forms
  • New first antenatal visit field
  • OSR Report Page and excel report enhancement
  • DAA enhancements to improve the usability, display order and clinical safety aspects of the DAA workflow.
  • AKX Updates to the Recipient, Donor and Matches pages and Recipient and Donor registration forms.

18.2 releases

  • Improvements to system awareness of individual user time-zone settings

Release 18.2.4

  • Do not send reports to My Health Record option added to Diagnostic request forms

Release 18.2.3

  • Letter Writer Header and Footer autofill options
  • nKPI and OSR reporting updates

Release 18-2

  • New Medicare Billing Module
  • New Medicare Adaptor

Release 18-1

  • Strength assessment on user passwords
  • A range of minor medications enhancements including:
  • Updated Aboriginal Health Services (AHS) pharmaceutical supplies request form (PB042)
  • A new substance misuse module that better supports AToDs workers.
  • Minor improvements to the smoking assessment.
  • Compensation Tab renamed “Workplace”
  • new fields to enable recording shift and site start details.
  • Business Unit and Sub-Contractor/Company name fields added to Client Administration page
  • Custom Progress Note Reporting Fields
  • Electronic Signature Capture - integration with Topaz Signature pad
  • Country field added to demographics and user profiles
  • New Patient Widget Actions for referrals, letters, and requests
  • New template autofill markers for letter templates.
Autofill List Autofill Name Pulls info from
General listTime User’s current time
Patient Details ListURN Demographics URN field
ClientEmployment Tab field
Business UnitEmployment Tab field
Sub-Contractor name Employment Tab field
Site Start DateEmployment Tab field
Months on SiteEmployment Tab field
SupervisorEmployment Tab field
Shift Details Employment Tab field
Sender (Current User)Prescriber numberUser Profile field

Release 17-4

  • New User Interface
  • Appointment Type Icons
  • Hospital Morbidity data(HA-22) form
  • Enhancements to Intake Form
  • Security enhancements
    • to have a 5 minute timeout for 5 incorrect password attempts
    • to block uploads with an executable extension

Release 17.3

Audiology module updated and renamed Ear Health and Hearing. Specialty assessments revised for Audiology, ENT, Screening, Newborn Screening Diagnostics/Reports upgrade. Changes include:

  • Redesigned Diagnostics/Reports page
  • New locations to open a request form
  • Changes to how you select a test
  • Create Diagnostic Test Templates
  • Match Requests and Results
  • New Diagnostics/Reports permissions

Release 17-2

  • New Medication Alerts including:
    • Polypharmacy
    • Amber review warning
    • S8 Medication alert
    • Non-MIMS validated medications
  • MIMS CMI added to right click menu
  • MIMS Dosage information will now be available on Prescription, Dispense, Supply and Administer screens.
  • CMI is available for all medications in the right click menu.
  • Immunisations status icon
  • Medication Report updated
  • Specific S8 prescribing permission
  • References to “Webster pack” replaced with generic “Dose Administration Aid”
  • Medication Workflow options:
    • Re-Prescribing enhancement
    • Ability to prescribe less than the PBS amount
    • Medication Linking
    • Restricted medications display Clinical Indication information icon
  • Record Immunisation History in bulk
  • Updated Custom Form Modules
  • Address Book - import organisations
  • New “Schools” tab in Patient details
  • GP Management Plans now listed in the Management Tab - drop down list of all past GP management plans, both complete and incomplete.
  • New “non-consultation” Progress Note Visit Type classification

Release 17-1

  • New User Interface(Beta) available for trial
  • Address Book updated
  • Care Providers tab updated - linked to address book
  • Referrals updated: incoming/outgoing, external/internal, automatic end-dates
  • Letter Writer Wizard implemented
  • Custom Tags for Letter Writer Templates implemented
  • Observations for Letter Writer implemented
  • Signature field for Letter Writer added.
  • Template Management moved to Organisation Centre with Global subscribe/unsubscribe model and Organisation templates.
  • Patient Record merging: expanded functionality to include specific management of these items:
    • Antenatal Records
    • CKD records
    • Adult Health Check Form
    • GP Management Plan form
    • GP Mental Health Management form.
  • Enhancements to the Haemodialysis session sheet
  • Renal users can now attach and rename multiple documents to a single referral.
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