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Here you will find a brief summary of the latest developments and new features in MMEx.

20.5 Release

This release focuses on licence, user management and the addition of new user account authentication methods.

  • Minor changes to the user log in screen to accommodate a number of log in and user authentication methods
  • Minor change to forgotten password management
  • Improved licence and user account management for Organisation Administrators
    • Re-organisation of user creation page to display important licence, account type and linking information near the top of the screen.
    • Streamlined user account creation and linking workflow - secondary accounts are linked automatically to primary accounts upon creation. One user access for all accounts is issued
    • Improved licence management
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Active Directory may be used to manage user access to MMEx.
    • Users log into MMEx with their Active Directory email address. For more information click here
  • New two-factor Authentication option
    • In addition to the long-standing SMS based two-factor authentication, MMEx now supports the use of an Authentication App to provide users with a unique access code each time they log in to MMEx. This increases security by preventing unauthorised access to a user account. For more information click here

Release 20.4

COVID-19 activity Quick Launch Icon

To support clinician access to COVID-19 screening tool, a new icon is visible in the patient demographic header. Clicking on the icon launches the global care plan activity titled “C-19 Presentation and Follow Up”.

Visibility of the icon is configurable at an organisation level on the Settings tab.
The permission is named “Show 'Perform Screening” Icon.

Telehealth appointment support

A field has been added to the appointment screen that allows the storage of telehealth link generated from your videoconferencing platform – “Telehealth URL”.

  • This link can then be sent via SMS to the patient and the telehealth session can be launched from MMEx for clinicians.
  • There is an additional field “Reminder Notes” that can also be sent in the SMS, such as the password or telehealth ID.
  • The content of this field does not need to be telehealth only and could be used for individualisation of the SMS per patient. There are additional configuration options in the SMS templating system at an organisation level to add as autofill markers the two new fields.

Send Appointment Reminders from the Calendar

A new right click option allows an SMS to be sent on demand which is in addition to the current scheduled SMS reminders that are sent. This is effective for appointments that are made on short notice.
On the right click from an appointment a new option allowing an additional SMS to be sent in addition to the scheduled reminders
The “Send Reminder Message” popup shows the message that will be sent, this is prepopulated with your organisation configured template and this is editable.

Configure your calendars/templates to use these features:

  1. Set up templates or add the new SMS auto-fills to your existing SMS templates
  2. Configure your calendars with the template to be used for each type of SMS
  3. Add data to the fields to populate the SMS with the relevant data.

NB: if teleheath information is recorded in the appointment, the default telehealth SMS template will be used by default if you select to send an appointment reminder.

Expanded Appointment Icons – including telehealth icons

There are new icons available that can be configured to highlight appointment types, including new telehealth icons and coloured (blue and orange) icons of the previous icons and the new icons. Please see the full list here.

Release 20.1

This release includes a range of bug-fixes and the following changes:

  • Medisecure
    • Organisations can now opt-in to Medisecure at an organisation level. All prescriptions created in that organisation will be sent electronically to the prescription exchange without the need to record a specific consent for each individual patient record
    • Medisecure barcodes have been enlarged for easier scanning.
  • HA-22 form
    • Users can now record AHPRA numbers in address book entries. These numbers pull through to the HA-22 form.
  • Youth Focus Referral Form and Client Report
    • Minor label changes have been made to the Youth Focus Referral form and corresponding report.
  • nKPI Report
    • A number of minor improvements have been made to the nKPI report to facilitate improved data capture.

Release 19.2

Allergies & Alerts

  • Expanded categories for Alerts
  • Expanded categories for Allergies
  • Alert and Allergy categories display in demographic header
  • Allergy acknowledgement required - new setting for Medications

Care Plans

  • Care Plan configuration
    • Create mutually exclusive care plans
    • Apply categories to careplans
    • Apply privacy settings to care plans
    • Configure automatic archive when care plan activities are all completed
  • Care Plan Activity settings
    • Introduction of Care plan activity templates
    • Apply privacy settings to care plan activities
    • Expanded care plan completion triggers including:
      • Forms
      • Controls
      • Custom Questions
      • Diagnostics
    • Make patient datatype/observation completion mandatory
    • More easily customised care plan activity display
  • Care Plan use
    • Cannot apply duplicate care plans
    • New status' Refused and Rescheduled
    • Filter care plan and care plan activity reports by Category
    • “No Duplicates” activity validation
    • Easily add and complete adhoc activities for a patient
    • updated To-Do list display and function

Clinical Summary

  • Link progress notes as part of the same episode of care
  • Modified privacy setting options
  • View user role and location in the progress notes history
  • Expanded Patient Recent Actions functionality
  • Amend a progress note written in error with strikethrough of text
  • Default progress note view of “all”
  • Expanded progress note metadata/reporting field options.
  • Secondary prompt to encourage metadata/reporting field completion
  • Allow users to update metadata/reporting fields after progress note content is locked
  • Improved Shortcut functionality
  • Improved SNOMED searching.
  • Complete observations from Clinical Summary


  • Streamlined review screen layout
  • Updated Radiology form view
  • Set favourite forms to appear at the top of the provider selection list
  • Assign privacy settings to diagnostic requests
    • Results received inherit privacy settings applied when linked
  • View and print Pathology Specimen labels
  • View review comments in the results table
  • Automatic linking of requests and configured result panels (requires configuration)
  • New visual cues for changed, overdue or cancelled results.
  • New admin tool to make updating request forms faster.


  • Implemented Aspose document viewer for improved document management/viewing
  • Expanded Document Category management
  • Automatic document categorisation
  • Expanded Document Privacy management
  • Ability to rename saved Letter writer documents
  • New user permissions to control printing and downloading documents


  • New Suicide Risk form


  • New medication Display
    • User choice to see simple or comprehensive view
  • Improved MIMS searching
  • Expanded dose calculation tool
  • Streamlined Medication Events view for Dispense, Supply and Administer events
  • Administer immunisations from Medications module (and they will send to AIR)
  • Record Immunisation Consent from Immunisation Event popup.
  • Record patient consent from immunisations pop up
  • Allocate medications to a patient (where a medication has been dispensed or supplied for a specific patient
  • MIMS Pregnancy Interaction alerts implemented
  • Expanded label configuration/selection options
    • Multiple labels
    • Label background graphics
    • Print Patient labels
  • Modified medications permissions
    • Confirmed By permission
    • Changed Dispense Medication (previously 'Dispensed Medications - Supply')
    • Supply Medication
  • Modified Medications Settings
    • Users can supply/administer to a patient without dispensing a medication
    • Users that do not have permission to prescribe a medication must perform a VTO in order to dispense that medication
    • Mandatory Barcode Verification
    • Enable Allergy/Interaction Acknowledgement Alert
    • PRN Frequency options
    • Allow supply from Manage Imprest
    • Set default frequencies for imprest medications
    • Record imprest locations


  • Add observations from Clinical summary page
  • Select multiple observation templates to view at once
  • Filter observations display by pathology results only
  • Select groups of observations to graph
  • Print Observations Graph

Organisation Administration

  • New settings
    • Organisation location
    • Additional automatic URN options - Sequential, METeOR, none
    • Patient demographics management
      • New fields
      • Expanded mandatory field options
  • New Management Tabs
    • Label Management
    • Custom Terminology Sets
    • Shortcut Management
  • Additional functionality for progress note reporting fields
    • Manage display order
    • Set as recommended
    • Set as editable/not editable
    • Prompt completion of metadata fields
    • Utilise SNOMED in multiple data capture fields
    • Create custom terminology sets
  • Streamlined organisation configuration
    • Tool to Import/Export organisation configuration from an existing organisation into a new one.
  • Streamlined User Management
    • User profile -create secondary account option
    • User profile templating
  • Configurable Patient Search Settings

Patient Management

  • Demographic fields
    • Additional optional demographic fields
    • Expanded management of field visibility
    • Expanded management of field mandatory status
    • Expanded management of field data conformity
  • Additional automatic URN options - Sequential, METeOR, none
  • Expanded patient identifiers section
  • Extended Search functionality
  • Improved management of deceased patient records
  • Exclusion of deceased patient records from bulk mail options.
  • Dedicated Administrative Notes section
  • Close Patient function to direct user to billing and appointment status change.


  • New integrated referral letter / referral register workflow
  • Send a letter via secure message from letter writer
  • Optional permissions to make referral records editable

Template Management

  • New autofill options
  • Mark a template as a referral

User Administration

  • New user permissions
    • Medications
    • Documents
    • Privacy Settings
    • New features
  • User profile fields
    • User location will populate from org profile
    • Qualification field will populate Progress Notes history table
  • Streamlined user creation workflow for Org Admins

Decommissioned Features

  • Flinders Specialty Module
  • Contact Management Module
  • User Interface V1
  • Review Medications function
  • Medisecure “sent” indicator on medications - temporary removal pending Medisecure changes in next release

Validated Issues

Refer to the release notes for details of validated issues and bugs that have been resolved in this release.

Past Release Summaries

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