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Using Webex

After clicking on the meeting link (in an email or other location) you will be asked to enter your name and email address. (Only your name will display in the meeting.)
You will see a count up to 100% as the meeting prepares, you will then be shown some connection options.

1. You have a number of options for your audio and video settings.

  • If you have a microphone and headphones/speakers available on your computer choose Call using computer
  • If you do not have microphone and headphones/speakers available on your computer choose I will call in and dial the toll free number displayed to you.

2. You may see this version:

  • Click Connect Audio and video if you are connecting both
  • Click Skip if you wish to connect audio only
  • Then click on Call using Computer if you have a microphone and headphones/speakers available on your computer

  • Or dial the toll free number if you do not.

Enlarge the screen

When the presenter is showing their desktop or a presentation you may make it larger by clicking on the double arrow icon

Meeting Ettiquette

Mute Background Noise

If you are joining an audio conference using your computer, you can use headphones or a headset instead of speakers to prevent feedback.
If background noise, such as typing or a barking dog is detected from your microphone, you will be prompted to mute it.

Select Disable noise detection if you prefer not to see these notifications.

Mute or Unmute Yourself

As a participant, to ensure that noise from your location is not disrupting the meeting for everyone else, in the Participants panel, select Mute or Unmute to mute or unmute your own microphone.

We ask that you endeavour to stay on mute unless you are speaking - particularly in meetings with many participants.

Raise your hand

A way of getting the presenters attention is to “raise your hand”
Click on Chat.

In the “Send To” field select “Presenter” and type your question/comment.

The presenter will see a yellow flag that indicates a question has been asked.

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