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Print Settings

NB: Only users with Organisation Administration permission can see these settings.

Navigate to your Organisation Centre and select the Connect tab.

Go to the Printers section toward the bottom of the page.

You can now choose the Printer Type and click the Edit button to specify the printer to be used for each function you require.

You may need to consult your local IT support staff to assist in setting up printers, if you have not already done so.

First click Load Printers first to populate the Select Printer drop down with local options.

Then use the drop down list to select the printer you need for the specific requirement for printing. NB: Notice the Select Printer drop down has changed in size. This means that your printers are now loaded and ready for you to select.

When you open the list you will see your printer(s), along with a few additions that are there by default depending on your operating system.

Select your printer, you can add any location (or other) information in the box provided.
Click Save when you have completed the setup of this printer.

The configured printer displays in the table.

If you wish to print from a particular tray, this will need to be configured outside of MMEx by your IT support to set up individual Printer tray printer icons for your use. That way you only need to set up the printer once and all you need to do is select the specific printer configuration needed for the job at hand.

In some cases you can access the Printer Preferences page of your printer and select the source where you would like the particular page to be printed. However, this will need to be done each time you print.

One-Click Printing

On-click printing (document prints and does not open a PDF preview first) may be configured using the MMEx Assistant. This only supports MMEx printing and does not override your printer setup with your operating system defaults and other programs.

Click here for more information about one-click printing.

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