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RPH Imaging Request

1. Select a Patient.

2. From the Summary screen of the patient.

3. Select the form from the drop down lilst.

4. This will open the start of the Diagnostic Imaging Pathways form.

5. Each one of these icons produces a different ‘pathway’ that takes you through different requirements and requests for different tests based on each ‘area’ of request.

6. When clicking on Musculoskeletal Trauma, you are faced with a number of areas that will show the different imaging requests can be ordered for the patient. All of the ‘boxed’ items are links to different tests that can be performed/requested.

7. Let’s look at ‘Shoulder Pain as an example. Click on Shoulder Pain.

8. This brings up some options for request.

9. If you choose ‘Left’, the following pathway presents itself. You can choose the ‘pathway’ needed for each patient.

10. By Clicking on the ‘Legend’ the following information window appears.

11. Each ‘pathway’ has a different set of ‘requests’ when clicking on the ‘arrow’ at the base of the text box.

12. Clicking on these ‘arrows’ presents the pathway the clinician needs to follow. Supplying options and information along the way.

13. Depending on which pathway you choose, it will produce more options as you go through them, until you are satisfied of the referral you require.

14. When you are happy with the pathway you wish to choose for the patient, select the green tick box to ‘Accept Pathway’.

15. This will then supply the clinician with a summary of the tests to be requested for the patient.

16. If you are happy with the selection of tests, select ‘Request These Tests’. If there is other tests to perform at the same time. Select ‘Add Another test’.
By selecting ‘Add Another Test’ you will be taken back to the beginning of the request pathway page.
By selecting ‘Request These Tests’, you will be taken to the ‘Imaging Services Request’ page. This is where any notes and other requirements are added, and filled out according to the clinicians requirements for the patient, to complete the form and be sent to the referred clinic.

17. Once you are happy with the form, you can select ‘Send’ or if you wish to view the form before sending, select ‘Print Preview’.

Print Preview produces a PDF document for review before sending to the referred clinic. It will have relevant data entered on the document.

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