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ITC CCSS Demographics Validation Report

This report provides demographical data for patients with ITC forms created.

You can choose the columns you wish to display in the report

Inclusion Rules

The report will include any patient with a 'Care Co-ordination & Supplementary Services' or 'Episode Of Care Co-ordination' forms completed for the reporting organisation.

This report only contain an Active/Inactive (or All) patient filter.

Report Output

Column Name Where data is pulled from
Patient Name Patient First Name & Surname
Pref. Name Preferred Name from Patient Demographics
Aliases Patient's recorded Aliases
Inactive Date Date patient was made inactive
Active/Inactive Patient Active/Inactive Status
Created Patient created date
Patient Access Organisations with patient access
Referred Date Referral Date
Referred By Referring doctor/clinician
Consent Date Date of consent recorded
Consent Type Consent type recorded
DOB Patient Date of Birth
ATSI Patient's recorded Indigenous Status
Gender Patient's recorded Gender
Town Patient's recorded Town/City
Phone Patient's Home phone number

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