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Calendar Report

This report pulls data from the appointments recorded in calendars.

It enables the user to report on:

  • Number of appointments in one or multiple calendars
  • Number of cancellations or Did Not Attends (or any specific Appointment status type)
  • Booked Duration
  • Appointment participants
  • Venues
  • Resources
  • Appointment Status type
  • Appointment Title (where a patient record has not been selected for the appointment.)

Select your Calendar, Date Range and Status preferences and click on Add Filter.

Select desired columns, then click Search.

NB: If you wish to report on non-patient time that has been blocked out in the calendar (e.g. general meetings), select the Appointment Type and / or Title columns to display. This requires the appointment type to have been recorded as “Meeting” (or the activity you want to report on) or that something has been written in the title.

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