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MMEx has many generic and custom reports available from the “Reports” menu.

Access the Reports page by clicking on the Forms & Reports option in the side menu.
Click on All Reports to open the full reports menu which contains the reports that are visible to you.

Save a Report as a Favourite

Click on the yellow star next to a report name to designate it as a favourite. This will make them appear in the reports menu

Clinical Activity Reporting

Patient Activity & Outcomes

Practice Management

Query templates

Many reports in MMEx allow you to save a report template.
This is particularly useful for reports with multiple parameters as it allows you to configure the report once and then select it from the Query list the next time.

With your report open and your search parameters set, click Review and then Save as New Query. Give the query a title and click OK.

Manage Query templates

As an Organisation administrator, with a report open click on Manage Query Templates.
This will open a management page where you will see a list of all query templates currently available at your organisation along with the “owner” or the person who created the query template.
From here you may delete (permanently) or edit templates. If you select Edit, an update pop-up will be displayed that allows you to modify the name, or share the template with the organisation.

Reports - Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are available on MMEx reports:

  • Patient Reporting
  • Antenatal Register Report

Run your report, then select an action from the Bulk Action drop down. Click Bulk Action

  • Add Tags – allows you to tag all patients with specific tag
  • Add Tasks – allows you to create one task and apply it to every patients file. For example, the task may be – Contact Patient / Book Health Check. This creates that Task in each individual record which can then be actioned / archived and a record of action will be noted in patient record. If using this feature be aware that you will be generating potentially a large number of tasks that need to be actioned. These Tasks will be visible in the general Tasks screen as well as in each individual file
  • Send eMail(s) - allows you to send an eMail to all patients on the report list, as long as they have a valid email address recorded, and enables you to create a custom email for the group.(NB: this feature is disabled if you work for Queensland Health)
  • Send SMS Reminder – allows you to send SMS to all patients on report list – as long as they have a valid mobile number and your organisation has SMS function operational - and enables you to create custom SMS for the group.
  • Generate letters – allows you to create an individual letter on a word document addressed to each patient. Before you use this feature, ensure addresses are all valid. Letter templates must also be created in advance.

The following rules apply to bulk actions Letter, email and SMS:

  • Deceased patients will not be sent an email or SMS or have a letter created for them.
  • Patients without an email address or mobile phone number recorded will not:
    • be included in SMS or email communications as relevant and will not have a document added to their record
    • have an event log item added to their record
  • A copy of the item sent will be saved as a document in each patient record
  • A patient event log item will be added each time an item is triggered.
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