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Release 15-06

Status: Current
Planned Release Date: 10/08/2015
Build Identifier: N/A

MMEx Version number change

To avoid confusion on the version number it will be updated to match the release cycle. The new version number for this release 2015.5.1 is :

  • Year : Uses the current year such as - 2015
  • Major Release : Uses the current release such as 5
  • Patch Release : uses the current patch release such as - 1


IDTitleRelease Notes
7555AKX : Nephrologist Name“Referring Nephrologist” was added to both Donor and Recipients tabs. “Nephrologist” was renamed to “Authorising Nephrologist”
7552AKX: Donor VirologySentence undervirology was changed to: “The system will not accept a registration for any donor who testspositive for HIV, the Hepatitis B surface antigen or Hepatitis C antibody.” Hepatitis B surface antibodyfield was added under Hepatitis B surface antigen A new field was added to upload copy ofvirology report Hepatitis B core antibody ruleschanged to : - Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positive:ACCEPTED (regardless of hepatitis B surface or core antibody) - Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) negative: o Hepatitis B core antibody positive, Hepatitis Bsurface antibody positive: ACCEPTED o Hepatitis B core antibody (anti‐HBc) positive, HepatitisB surface antibody (anti‐HBs) negative: NOT ACCEPTED
7554AKX: Number of Renal VeinsChanges to AKX Module Number of Renal Veins was added to Donor Surgical Data
7551AKX: Recipients“accept Hepatitis B core antibody positivedonors” was added under Accept ABO incompatible
5887Billing: Inability to run Medicare ReportsThe Issue with the “Display all” feature on the Patient-Billing-Visits tab has been resolved
7738Black Swan: Add field to Risk Assessment sectionAdditional Field “Risk to Others” has been added in the Intake Form under the Risk Assessment section
7808Black Swan: Age on Intake form is missingWhen the DOB is entered in the patient section of the intake form, Age will be auto-calculated and appear below it. On the Register worklist, Age will appear when the cursor is hovered over the date of birth of the patient
7743Black Swan: GP Details: Prompting text needs to be added to the labelDefault text was added to GP details field.
7488Black Swan: UC.01 - URN Auto generationBlack Swan Changes: 1. A URN is to be auto-generated by the system foreach patient within MMEx. The auto-generation will use the Meteor (Metadataonline registry) protocol URN generation found at the following link: ( 2. Created an organisational setting that allows the org adminto either enable or disable the URN auto-generation feature. This setting willalso include an “update all old patient records” as an option.
7491Black Swan: UC.02 - Intake FormBlack Swan Changes: Intake Form - This is an interactive form that captures data not yet associated with a patient, such as telephone calls. This form then allows, if desired, to create a patient record with all relevant fields (eg first name, surname, DOB, phone numbers, email, address). Another option is picking a patient from MMex will cause the fields in the Client section such as first name, last name, DOB etc to be auto-populated and non-editable. User has the flexibilty of changing MMEx Patients on the form itslef. (Remove and pick again) The document will also be saved and added to the patient record documents tab named “Intake Form” with the user name and date details. Both saving the form and creating a patient record will add an item to the “Duty Register” with the date, time, client name (hyperlinked if they are created, plain text if not yet and MMEx patient), user (worker), status (pending) and priority. By default, the item's status is defaulted to 'Pending' If the form has been completed and saved, user cannot update the document as the form becomes non-editable
7492Black Swan: UC.03 - Duty Register WorklistDuty Register worklist The register is available from the left hand menu item “Register” this can be hidden in the permission settings. (User Permission: Registers) The register worklist has the ability to search register items by using the Issue Date (From and To), Action Status and Priority fields. Show Archived will display the archived items in the list. Following Columns will be displayed on the List i. Date (Date in Intake form.) ii. Patient Name: It will be displayed as a hyperlink to the clinical record if it is an MMEx Patient. iii. DOB of the patient v. Action Status : It will either be no further action, for hYEPP referral, for headspace allocation, for external referral or for follow up vi. Details of Action: this will display the first 50 characters of the field from the form, when a user hovers over the item it will show the full content of the field in a tool tip vii. Priority of Action: Urgent or Standard. All urgent items will be highlighter. viii. Action Due by Date: If Action Due date is overdue, it will be marked with the red flag. ix. Outcome of Allocation . If an outcome has been allocated, it will open up the case management screen x. Attempt: It wil displays the attempt to contact count eg 1 attempt, 2 attempts etc. With mouse hover , it will display a history grid of attempts in a tool tip Functionality on Worklist. User has perform certain functionalities on a register item through right click menu items 1. Update register item This list will allow users to update each entry. User can update the Action status, the priority , the action due by date and/or the allocated user to the outcome. Allocating a user to a register item will open the case management screen under mental health. From here, user can create cases. 2. Assign Patient Assigns a patient to an item 3. History Displaying history of changes to an item such as action status update or patient assignment update etc. where similar items can also be seen on patient event logs and user event logs 4. Archive Archives an item and will appear in the show archived list 5. Edit Direct the user to the related intake form to update 6. Add to Attempts Adding attempts to contact made to a patient. Excel Document functionality Clicking on To Excel will produce 1. an excel document with two sheet in it: * Summary: this will display a count of the itemsper status providing a grid with totals Eg Status Intake Number no further action 15 for headspace 16 for hYEPP 17 Total 48 2. Data: allof the columns of the worklist grid will display
7493Black Swan: UC.04 Intake Form / Duty Register ReportingIn the Duty Register page, a new functionality has been added. The excel file generated via “To Excel” button has which has two sheets, one for exporting all rows in Duty Register Worklist and the other for calculating the number of Intake forms for each Register type.
6930Diabetes Foot Check form modificationIn the Diabetes Foot Check form the recommendation for high risk situations has been modified for clinical reasons. This is visible after “calculate risk” button is clicked.
4458eGFR Care Plan Activity updateseGFR and HbA1c Care Plan Activity states are now being updated as per the events completed.
7819Injury Management Assessment validation on hidden sectionsInjury Management NSW types are restricted to just Initial at this stage till they clarify the workflow for other stages
7829Injury Management closing problem with open assessmentsInjury Management cases can now be closed successfully
7809Injury managment event logs for create problem and close assessmentInjury management event logs for create problem and close case have been added.
6329Medication: Verbal Telephone Orders ModificationIn the medication screen, when the medication reason is “Verbal Telephone Order”, the approval request can not be sent to the logged in user any more. A warning is displayed on the screen when a logged in user attempts to add themselves to the “send approval request to” field.
7451Medication: Zap packs at lombadinaAdding a Zap Pack to a client allows nurse initiated option apart from VTO
6514Mental Health: Max length on GP Mental Health Plan safety planThe GP Mental Health Plan safety plan section now can have a max length of information entered of 6374 characters.
7663Mental Health: MMEX reporting Fix- mental health reportingMental Health Referral Reporting is working correctly.
6751Observations: Acute Observation changeThe User Interface for Acute Observations has been modified so that it can include display of more data types. In the past, if the same data type was added twice, the user was not allowed to add additional data types and this has been now been modified so that the same data types are not displayed twice and the user can continue to enter further observations.
7062Opthalmology speciality: VA issuesFree text boxes have been added for VA uncorrected R, VAuncorrected Left , VA Corrected R and VA Corrected L.
7656Patient Documents - Privacy level of documentsIn document tab users are able to change the privacy level of the documents if they are the owner or they have “OverrideProgressNotePrivacy” permission. This permission can be given on request from an authorized person for a particular organization.
7462Patient reporting - Allergies statusPatient allergies statuses will now be displayed in patient reporting as per the data entered in patient allergies section of MMEx.
6863Patient Reporting - Columns - TagsIn Patient Reporting, under Columns, “Tags” has been added. This will allow users to generate reports so that patient tags information can be extracted correctly.
7566Patient Summary - Reason for Contact EnhancementsThe entire module can now be managed by Organizational Administrators via a page called “Progress Note Admin”. This includes visibility of fields and default options. A new option “Strongly Recommend” has been added to the Progress Note admin page. When set to Yes, users get notified if leave the page without filling in this field.
7559Renal Dialysis Home Therapies - 'NephrologistName' field modificationIn the Renal Dialysis Home Therapies - program details section, Nephrologist names with longer characters was not allowing the users to enter the name. The character has been updated to 50 characters. Now users can enter the names with longer character limits.
6808Results/Reports: Duplicated Pathology Requests & ResultsThe Results/Reports section is displaying results correctly. The issue with duplication has now been resolved.
6266SDS ChangesWhen No is entered to the SDS – the mouse-over icon will be “No”. - SDS Assessment gets updated when “no” is selected in other drug.
7026Social Health Form - Free text box entries displayed on the PDFIn the Comprehensive Social Health Program Assessment form, notes entered in the text boxes within the form are now displayed in the PDF version. This can be view by clicking the Print option at the bottom of the form, alternatively when the Completed check box is ticketed the from will get saved under a patient record under the documents section and the users can Print the saved form from here.
6931Social Health Form - opening when favouritedThe add to favorites option for Comprehensive Social Health Program Assessment has been updated. This form is visible based on a special permission. This permission can be given by help desk on request.
7183Womens Health: Ante Natal PDF PrintingIn the Antenatal Section the printed output shows all the notes entered in the “Other Notes” section.
6673Womens Health: Antenatal Form - Auto populating summary of risk factorsAnew option “Auto-populate Risk Factor Summary field” has been addedas an Org Centre setting page, which is available to OrganizationalAdministrators. Setting this option to “Yes” will auto populate riskfactors in the Antenatal Summary page and this will be non-editable. Settingthis option to “No” will allow users to enter risk factors manually. This setting is inherited from the top parent org. such as org 1 belongs to org 2 then org 2 settings will be used . The user will need to click on the “update” button on the pregnancysummary page, to get the latest risk summary to shows on the printed output.
7029Womens Health: Antenatal Form - Hide/show sectionsThe Org Center setting for “Collapse Sections in Antenatal Visits and Summary by Default” has been updated. In Antenatal form - Show/Hide in pregnancy summary page now works based on this setting.
7028Womens Health: Antenatal Form - Prompt VisibilityA new option has been added under Clinical Settings section of the org center settings page. The option is called “Hide Prompt Field in Current Pregnancy and Visits”. This is available to the Organizational Administrators. This allows administrators to control the visibility of the “Prompt” field in the Pregnancy Summary and Visits page under Women's Health section of MMEx.
7568Womens Health: Antenatal Print Out - Two additional fieldsTwo extra fields Gravida and Parity have been added to the default antenatal PDF print out.
6738Womens Health: Medicare index displayed in Antenatal printoutThe antenatal section (Women's health) print version now has the medicare index number.
6869Womens Health: Risk factors displayed in Antenatal form printoutRisk factors are now being displayed in the Antenatal printed output
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