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Release 15-04

Status: Released
Planned Release Date: 25/05/2015
Build Identifier:

What's New

Emergency Contact information added to Patient Demographics to ensure RACGP standards
Organisation specific Observation templates can now be created
Time allowed for Progress Notes editing can be set at an Organisation level
Adult Health check can be saved in one step
General bug fixes


IDItemKayako TicketDescription
6224Kayako Ticket: FW: Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Laboratory : Request FormsKMD-377-61379The Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Request Form has been added to MMEx.
6225Kayako Ticket: FW: Emailing: 3.5.16b.Bolsover Type 2 Request FormEFG-288-59967Bolsover Radiology Form has been added to MMEx.
6322Next of kin / Emergency ContactEmergency Contact has been included in the Patient Demographics header and will be visible next to Next of Kin, if the Primary Contact / Emergency Contact check-box in the Patient Details → Family tab is checked. The Primary Contact that already existed in the system is used as the Emergency Contact and behaves similar to the Next of Kin.
6323Observations entry - Admin screenAn Organisation Admin can now create an Observation template specific to their organisation. This can be achieved by clicking on “Add New Template” from the Administration → User Admin → Observation tab. This presents the user with a screen to enter the template name, select if the template should be the default for the organisation or not, and select the patient data types that are relevant for their organisation, that need to appear when they are entering observations for patients. If an organization has a default Observation template, the default template will be displayed when “New Observation” is clicked; otherwise the MMEx default list will be displayed.
6615Silent Print for Request formsSilent print has been enabled for Pathology requests and Radiology requests.
662824 hour editing for Progress NotesOrganisation Admin can now choose to allow the editing of a Progress Note for a specific period of time after it has been created. This can be done from the Administration → User Admin → Settings tab, “Time after creation a progress note can be altered” option under Patient Details Settings section.
6759Patient not selected in GPMPWhen the GPMP or GPMHP forms are selected, it now forces the user to select a patient before proceeding with the form.
6760Adult Health Check - SavingAll sections of the Adult Health Check get saved when “Save Current Health Check” button is clicked.
5798Kayako Ticket: Urgent : Pregnant (EDD) to be invisible in Patient Tracking and for people with Reception accessVCF-382-80448Privacy access has been added to Alerts. If users don't have proper permissions, for example Women's Health permission, they will not able to see alerts that are created in Women's Health section.
5875Kayako Ticket: GP detailsNVL-257-73261GP under Patient Details page works based on PatientGP permission. If the permission is READ then users are able to just see this section and cannot edit it. If the permission is WRITE then users can edit this field.
6534Kayako Ticket: AKX MMEx changesONO-481-62271AKX Admin users now have the ability to manage hospitals as required for their programs.
6619Kayako Ticket: Bidy - Webster Paks not in Alphabetical OrderTUO-571-19280Webster Paks now appear in alphabetical order.
6750MIMS importerMIMS import for the month of May has been completed.
6998error 500 in Payment BillingWYQ-740-66207Billing - Payment Reports can now be exported to Excel without any error.
6999500 Server Error when running a Medicare Payments ReportNSB-636-85388Billing - Payment Reports can be filtered to report on data accurately without any error.
6825Kayako Ticket: FW: Issues with MMEx account set-upUWL-339-70401If a case is assigned to more than one user and in the Case Management screen, if the organization is selected, then a new column appears in the grid showing a comma separated list of users.
2616Smoking Assessment via To Do List not workingDBA-230-41100Smoking Assessment is now available from To Do List, and updates reports correctly.
7051Kayako Ticket: RE: MMEX - SMS Appointments/MMEX slowHAW-459-26040The Calendar drag and drop feature has been disabled in IE to help users overcome the MMEx performance degradation experienced.
7054Kayako Ticket: RE: Screener.xlsxRFJ-651-96744The screener list has been updated and the performance of the Daily Summary Report has been improved.
6076Client Report: Rename columnLJF-395-29130A new column called “Age” has been added and is visible in the Client Report by default.
6077Individual Counsellor Statistics Report changesLJF-395-29130The Individual Counsellor Statistics Report has been enhanced to ensure the accuracy of data in specific columns.
6078New options to be added to Case Description drop-down listVHN-654-62236Mentoring and Group Therapy have been added to case description fields in the Create Case screen and the Youth Focus Referral form.
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