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Release 15-03

Status: Current
Release Date: 13/04/2015
Patch Released: 15/04/2015
Build Identifier:

What's New

Update to Antenatal Module
New organisation setting to configure the left hand menu items of the clinical record
General bug fixes


IDItemKayako TicketDescription
2619Kayako Ticket: Patient Reporting & Queries & ConcentUYC-563-62743Patient Reporting , consent tab will not automatically default to adding ’Match all consents’
2626Kayako Ticket: Priority 3: Patient Reporting not working - patient tracking based reportsLTV-736-36409to generate the report based on on patients who have not attended the service in the last “number of years this should be done: in Attendance → Tracking Based → exactly → 0 times and then run the report
2824Zap PackQJM-339582When Zap Pack is selected, those 3 medications get added to medication section automatically.
3936Kayako Ticket: patient summary page issueUJX-767-42253Progress note has been edited, removing 'zeros' entered in error.
4943Kayako Ticket: Collaborator functionYCH-732-61821A drop down list has been added to Wound Management screen enabling users to switch between their wounds and the organization wounds. Users must not use Organizational account to log in and deal with the wounds. Now they are able to log in with their own accounts and use this drop down list to see all the wounds sent to their organization. To see the Add image button there should not be any pending collaborator. First need to accept all invitations.
5047Kayako Ticket: Alcohol entry bugTRW-790-58697Analysis shows that there are 2 different sets of statuses for alcohol consumption, one in the Patient Details → Alcohol tab and one in the Observations tab, these were inconsistent and now use the same statuses.\\
5378Kayako Ticket: Unable to open task from mmex messageJNX-998-56762When a message is received, open the message. Click on Details link. Details expand now without error.
5407Kayako Ticket: Woundswest - no add image buttonPQI-421-91318A drop down list has been added to Wound Management screen enabling users to switch between their wounds and the organization wounds. Users must not use Organizational account to log in and deal with the wounds. Now they are able to log in with their own accounts and use this drop down list to see all the wounds sent to their organization. To see the Add image button there should not be any pending collaborator. First need to accept all invitations.
5476Kayako Ticket: IUIH Aged Care site Calendar issue / Reminder Mailing Report ErrorEKA-607-43801“All of the sites are showing an error message when I click on Reminder Mailing, select schedule, appointment status and appointment type “ has now been fixed.\\
5699Kayako Ticket: MMEX enquiryBVD-978-52747CCSS Reporting error under Medical Aids, now fixed. Reported by Kate Ellis.
5837Wounds Management: Duplicate woundsA drop down list has been added to Wound Management screen enabling users to switch between their wounds and the organization wounds. Users must not use Organizational account to log in and deal with the wounds. Now they are able to log in with their own accounts and use this drop down list to see all the wounds sent to their organization. To see the Add image button there should not be any pending collaborator. First need to accept all invitations.
5880Progress Notes Full Screen Toggle button - Not functioning correctly when returning to normal viewFix to address an issue experienced when using the text editor full screen toggle button - users had reported that it had not been functioning correctly when returning to normal view.
6336Patient Reporting and Consent tabin Consent tab changing the Filter option doesn't tick the “All consents” check box anymore “Don't Match” option now gets saved in Saved queries section
6471Server 500 error on Manage OrdersImprest management error occurring on formulation is fixed. No associated ticket
4646Social Health Assessment FormSocial Health Assessment Form added to provide Modules on * Intake assessment and case summary * Comprehensive Assessment * Case Summary and Treatment Plan
4647GEM linking7.6.8.2 Growth and Empowerment Measures Form improved Patient Data Type added Growth and Empowerment Measures Score within the range 0 - 100 progress note will be added for each GEM form added “GEM Completed”
4648Social Health - Permissions“Mental Health” permission is applied to forms BASIS-24 and GEM.
4649GP Mental Health PlanGP Mental Health Plan updated
4650GPMHP Workflow7.9.15.1 Solution Create a new form labelled “GP Mental Health Plan Review” when saved to Documents
4652GPMHP and ATSI Pathway linksAdd new care plan activity to Major Mental Illness Care Plan - “Mental Health GP Plan
4653GPMHP - Care plan updateThere are 2 new activities under Mental Illness: - GPMHP - GPMHP Review (Item 2712)
4654ATSI Pathway update7.13.16.1
4662Patient Reporting - ResultsAdditional result types have been added and are part of the patient reporting and patient results report: BSL - Fasting, BSL - Random, BSL POC - Fasting and BSL POC - Random.
4664Antenatal Form and ReportUpdate to the Antenatal Section. Includes:\\* Antenatal tab renamed to “Current Pregnancy” \\* Current Pregnancy renamed to “Current Pregnancy Summary” \\* EDD is displayed at the top of the form as well as the Antental Visits form \\* Prompt field, medications and allergies fields can be removed through an organisational setting, as well as the condition field in the Antenatal Visit form \\* Summary Risk Factors automatically filled with the following on a new pregnancy: * If the patient is a current smoker * If the patient has an Audit-C score of more than 1 * The patient's SDS score if she is using drugs \\* Medical History added to form \\* The Antenatal Visits form is now collapsible, and can be set to collapsed by default through an organisational setting \\* The two risk factors sections have been combined to one section \\* A new print form is used for printing Patient Reporting and  Antenatal Register Report has additional columns to display the antenatal report Patient ID, Patient name , Patient Address, DOB, EDD, No of weeks gestation, Preferred Contact, High risk, Date of First Visit, Gestation at First Visit, Smoking status first visit, Alcohol status first visit, Other drugs status first visit, Date of Last Visit, Smoking status last visit, Alcohol status last visit, Other drugs status last visit, Date Next Visit Due, Delivery Date, Gestation at delivery, Total number of antenatal visits, Delivery Outcome, Delivery Birth Weight.
4667Diabetic Foot CheckDiabetic Foot Check form has been updated: * the reference is expanded with full name of source, * “refer to podiatrist” is now generic (rather than WA centric), * option added for organisation to choose the recommendation as “refer to podiatrist” when patient unable to see their feet.
6217New Risk Assessments for Mental Health Management Plan
6241Forensic HistoryForensic History added to GP Mental Health Plan Form
6263observations A column named '163' already belongs to this DataTable.Bug Fixed: Issue with adding alcohol status in acute obs has been fixed 
63624647 The GEM form shouldn't be editable after it is saved.The GEM form will not be editable after it is saved
6369ATSI Pathway - psychological servicesLabel is fixed now
6373Able to delete a pregnancy record - It should be archived1. Archives a past pregnancy record. Can be viewed via a filter 2. User also can view and print archived past records in the current pregnancy screen 3. Once past record is archived, you can only view it by changing the filter 4. Printing a antenatal form will display the archived or non archived past history based on the filter selected.
6374GPMHP“Safety Plan” was added to the form
6380forensic history cannot view or editForensic History Add, Edit and View option available for this section in GPMP form
6564Antenatal changes - Unable to open PDF fileBug: Added an exception handling mechanism to capture any errors caused by the htmltppdf console app
6646Antenatal Form - Amendments1. Risk factor will show the latest data from Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs 2. Risk factor alcohol – gives habit with numbers next to standard drinks per day, days per week. 3. Risk factor other drug – shows only latest drug and SDS. If there are two entries, it will display only the latest entry. 4. BMI at bottom of nutrition risk popup will be caluclated when height and weight are entered. 5. Height from antenatal visit populate summary screen in antenatal visit. 6. ALL visits/ fields with Actions and Examinations under Antenatal visit will be saved. 7. Referrals – referral by field with multiple UAT after “not an mmex user” has been fixed 8. Social History will display the Social and Occupation control as in Patient Details 9. When outcome added, form is saved in Documents as Antenatal Record. 10. doesn’t load/open from Print button on Antenatal Summary - has been fixed. Added an exception handling to analyse the issue since this is only occuring in UAT 11.  Typo – ‘Clinical’ in Clinical Settings section has been corrected 12. Excel export doesn’t have a title/name when opening as 'Patient Reporting' 13. Moved the field “Gestation at first visit” next to the “Date of First Antenatal Visit” on the screen and on the excel output
4670Patient Summary - Medical History8.1 A new feature has been added in the Organisational Settings SIDE MENU NAVIGATION SETTING define the behaviour for each module of the core patient record when opened. Visibility settings will not override user permissions. The following options are available: Show Tab on Preload: This option will preload the module in a tab in the background of the patient record screen. Show Tab And Load On Demand: This option will load the module in the patient record screen when the user first clicks the tab or menu item. Show In Side Menu Only: This option will show the module in the side bar and create a tab when the user first selects the menu item. Hide: This option hides the module from the side menu and tabs. The menu items that will have the above feature are Clinical Summary, Medications, Observations, Procedures, Referrals, Care Plans, Immunisations, Event Log, Documents, Medical History and Results Management Plan will not have 'Show In Side Menu Only' option because the functionality only resides in the tabs of the patient record screen   Another new feature is added to the Organisational settings “Hide Medical History on tab of the patient record screen” will hide the medical history on the tabs of the patient record screen Note: Setting Hide on all the side menu options means that the user will not be able to open any patients
6519users unable to access a patientIf all the org settings for side navigation have been set to hidden, it will redirect to the Patient details page (provided he/she has permission). If one of the tabs is hidden which is a default patient page for a user, it will take the user to the first available tab.
3492Bulk Appointment SchedulingAdded new “Bulk Assign” functionality to the Calendar Running Sheet. This function allows users to bulk select appointments from the running sheet using the new select boxes and bulk assign them to a given day using the “Bulk Assign” button. When the user clicks this button a confirmation dialog is displaying where the date to move all selected appointments to can be set. Once the user confirms the move all appointments will be shifted to the new day. If any of the appointments are conflicted with existing appointments, a warning is displayed notifying the user. They can then shift these appointments around using the drag/drop functionality in the calendar. The “Bulk Assign” will be hidden until the filter button is clicked
3853missing space in nextreviewdue prompt CKD LinkOn the Satellite Haemodialysis tab of the Dialysis Management page the “Next Review Date” is now required to be a date that is after the “Date of Entry”
39393642 alignment of all checkboxChanged the placement of the All checkbox of Smoking Behaviour in Patient Reporting so that it is in the top row.
4461Appointments displayed outisde the bounds of the date rangeMRG-503-15359Running Sheet does not display appointments outside the bounds of the date range selected. Associated ticket MRG-503-15359
45954029 Patient profile rename pin to medication pinFixed.
4613quick change med allows to set confirmed by ?An organisation setting has been added which allows or disallows the ability to use the Quick Change Med functionality on the Current Medications view.
4637Person contact report - date filter inaccurateThe date filter on the Person Contact report will now include events on the end date.
4765Calendar Drag and Drop Feature - Highlighting IsueThe Calendar drag/drop functionality has been improved so that a user can better see which appointment they are moving and what time slot they are moving it to.
4997running sheet not displaying re occuring appointmentsRunning sheet displays re-occuring appointments. Sorting by time now available.
5055Medication Signature - Org Setting - Mandatory or not'Medication Show Signature' user permission has been converted to an Organisational Setting as 'Display Medication Signature'.  This setting will be 'Yes' by default A script will be run to set the org setting to 'No' where there is a large percentage of users in an org which had the user permission equal to deny.
5115add calendar appointment scheduleWhen adding a new appointment on the calendar, if the appointment is flagged as “I don't want to schedule this right now” then the ability to create a task assigned to the appointment is disabled.
51445143 unable to authorize a medicationFixed issue where the user is unable to authorize a dispensed medication. the authorization link will open in current medications instead of dispensed medications
52914979 Smoking Report InterventionsNA
5341Running Sheet: Sort by Patient Name not workingBy pressing the Patient Name column, the Running Sheet can now be sorted by the last name then the first name of the first patient.
5573CKD menu item visibilityA new permission, Speciality Dialysis Management (Renal) is added Two new roles will be added in production - KAMS Renal and KAMS Non-Renal KAMS Renal is linked to all users from Renal orgs (KRS Kimberley,Kimberley Dialysis Centre - Broome, KRS Derby,KRS Fitzroy Crossing and KRS Kununarra) and KAMS Non-Renal is linked to all users from non renal orgs of KAMS KAMS Renal will have write Speciality Dialysis Management (Renal) permission. Users to this role will be able to edit the dialysis mangement page KAMS Non-Renal will have read Speciality Dialysis Management (Renal) permission. Users to this role  will be able to view the dialysis mangement page For all KAMS users, if the patient has a CKD care plan, CKD should be displayed in the left nav and the Specialty drop-down should default to CKD and should be read only/editable depending upon which KAMS org they are from (based on the permissions above). Specialty drop-down should always include CKD as an option, for all KAMS users.  If a user selects CKD from the Specialty drop-down and the patient does not have a CKD care plan, user will be prompted to add a CKD careplan. If the user clicks no, it will be redirected Patient Search page. If yes, the user will be redirected to the care plan page.
5735Calendar Report - Does not pick up date range accurately in reportThe Calendar Report date range filter searches for records that fall within the specified To and From Dates (both inclusive).
5933'Smoking and illicit substance history missing from event logEditing Smoking and Illicit Substances history will appear in the event log.
61563492 - bulk appointment assigning check all does not work past two checksBulk appointment assigning check all in Running Sheet works correctly after pressing the check box multiple times.
6158Smoking Interventions column not auto-ticked in Patient ReportingThe Smoking Interventions column in Patient Reporting should now always be auto-ticked when one or more smoking interventions have been selected.
6189Calendar Running Sheet: Portrait - Restrict column selectionIn the Running Sheet, the non-default columns are disabled when the print format is in portrait mode.
6190Calendar Running Sheet: Landscape orientation should allow column selectionIn the Running Sheet, the non-default columns are enabled when the print format is in landscape mode.
6191Calendar Running Sheet: Export to ExcelAdded a button to the Running Sheet which will export the current filtered running sheet to Excel. It can only be pressed when the user has already pressed the filter button with at least 1 appointment shown.
62323492 running sheet bulk assign no header for columnRunning Sheet: Add in column header for bulk assign All which will not be printable
5118Antenatal referral not saved when update is clickedAntenatal referrals are saved when update is clicked.
5908observations VA continuedThere is a flag in the Patient Data Type administration named “Show In Observations List”. This will determine the subset of data types that are selectable from that observations control. change observations to check show in observations list VA Left VA Left Corrected VA Right VA Right Corrected
6182inbox for Diabetic Foot Check missing link and superscriptFixed
6183patient event log Diabetes Foot Check missingFixed.
6255antenatal pathology requestsBug fixed 1. Other Notes - Allows user to enter 1000 words 2. Order Pathology button opens the pathology screen 3. Selecting yes/No option for  'Do you want to make observations based on this record'  will not collapse the observation menu.
6264Medicare Paid by column issueFixed.
6267Observations issuesFix for internal exceptions found. Solution here enables old and incomplete data to function without throwing an error.
6268ATSI Pathway - not functioningif a patient has an incomplete GPMP form, ATSI Health check pathway will be Amber (Path started, but not complete). if a patient has a complete GPMP form, ATSI  will be Green (Path completed but not billed) if a patient has a paid visit with MBS item 721, ATSI will be purple
2708Kayako Ticket: WADMS - MMEX - Change requestQKT-248-80555Pensioner details section now is visible when trying to add a new patient
5143unable to authorize medicationThe issue where a user is unable to authorize a dispensed bug is fixed.
5457ARF RHD speciality is inconsistent with formsNow RHD Referral in specialty section is exactly the same as RHD referral in form section
6273SMS Bulk action issueXJO-183-80763Fixed and tested. Bulk SMS now works.
6602Kayako Ticket: Timezone Default FunctionWJL-226-78072Timezone defaults to user in Observation section now. In future release, timezone will default to user's timezone, for all pages.
6627QML - Add template to path request“QML Pathology With Labels” template was added to Pathology form
9630SEWB Issue Item #9 PHQ4AGB-615-42403PHQ4 is no longer showing in the 'Recent Actions' component of the Progress Note. It not
11195DAHS Auto assigning Pathology resultsJXE-748-79814Auto assigning has been corrected.
11401DAHS Pathology in incorrect Patient FileWCS-137-92133Pathology results have been reassigned to correct patient.
10292BRAMS - Pathology going to Wrong PatientUQJ-992-73158Pathology results have been reassigned to correct patient.
12876ARF/RHD ResultsBUF-905-10309Stage 3 & 4 care Plans should nowauto-assign correctly.
15202ImmunisationsRRY-841-80144Immunisation reports needs to pull from Immunisation tab.
10278BRAMS- Patient Reporting errorFJG-511-63786Total number of patients pulled on any report now equals to the sum of males + female patients.
10786Reporting - Consent ReportingEOG-369-71109Originally, in patient reporting under tab “Consent” when you select “Doesn't Match” and you pick any particualr option other than 'All Consents' the report does not run, and it returns an error.
11822Patient & results Reports not workingDEY-553-97275Report on Pap Smears from the 'Results' tab now coorectly report the number of actual Pap Smears completed compared to Care Plan activities.
15139BRAMS - Immunisations not going to ACIRIDB-728-40299Immunisations should now be sent to ACIR
14426DAHS - Immunisations not being sent to ACIRUPO-590-64230Immunisations should now be sent to ACIR
15949Alerts/Allergies - Who is the CreatorDFJ-981-38397All allergies/alerts now have User who created and data created is now logged.
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