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Patient Level Referral Management

With a patient record open, select Referrals/Visits on the Navigator or from the Patient Widget.

There are two action buttons to:

  • Create New Referral
  • Add Incoming Referral

Referrals are listed and can display either Incoming or Outgoing Referrals, and the list can be further filtered by Current or Archived. The screen defaults to All Referrals. You can also utilise the Record Response option here - access menu using a right click.

Once a referral record has been created it will display in this list. This list is a filtered view of the facility level worklist and only shows the referrals for the selected patient.

To view referrals sent to an person/service or agency, select Category Outgoing referrals.
To view referrals received by a person or service within your organisation, select Category Incoming referrals

Processing referrals

To record a response, right click on an entry and select Record Response In the response record, record the information you receive back from the referral recipient about whether the referral was

  • accepted (Accept),
  • rejected (Reject)
  • needs additional information to be provided (Revise) or
  • if you recalled or cancelled the referral (Withdraw)

You can record a comment that will display in the response column.

To keep your lists accurate, when a referral no longer requires any additional actions i.e. it is complete, right click and select Archive. The record will be retained, but will not display as part of the current worklist as an item requiring action.

Adding a Referral

In a number of locations in MMEx you will have the ability to record a referral record.
Wherever you see the button, click on Add New Referral.
Complete the Referral information, remembering to select Incoming or Outgoing as relevant and record the Date Referred.
Referral End Date will auto populate based on the type of referral selected. Be sure to give the document a specific and easily identifiable name so it can be located in the documents list at later date if required.

Click Add.

The referral will now be listed in the Referral list in the patient record and also in the facility referrals worklist.

Attaching a Referral to a Medicare Claim

When a patient has seen a Specialist, the referral needs to be attached to the Medicare account at the time of billing to ensure that the claim is paid.

To do this, enter the Billing Screen. On the Add Visit page, with your specialist provider selected, click on Advanced Visits Options to reveal the referral selection field.

From the drop down menu select Referral.

You may record the referral details here, however, if an existing referral has been recorded for the patient click on the Use Existing Referral button.
You will see a list of current referrals.

Click on the correct referral for this visit and provider. The details will populate the fields.

Continue with the Billing as per usual.

Making a Referral

Use Letter Writer to create your referral letters. For general Letter writer information see here.

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