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Referral Details

The Referral Details Sections consists of two parts - Referral Details Entry and Referral Details Grid.

Referral Grid

Referral Entry

The referral Details grid displays all the referrals created in the system (incoming/outgoing) and can be toggled by using the display drop down. Referral Details Entry Screen can been accessed either by clicking on Add Referral/ by clicking each row.

The referral entry screen allows users to add Referred By users from outside the organisation. The “Not an MMEx User” is specifically used for this purpose, where people can be added to the Address Book which is accessible by multi-tier organisation.

On click of the button, it will take you to the Add Address book screen

The screen also allows users to upload documents or select it from the Patient Documents. Once the document is selected, it appears as a Paper clip on the Referral Grid

All details entered in the Referral Entry screen will appear in the Referral's Grid. Right-clicking on any row on the grid, the user can Add 'Response' for Incoming Referrals and Add a 'Record a Response' for Outgoing Referrals.

A popup appears where user can select response and enter comments for the response. If a case is linked to the referral, the title will appear in the referral else it will appear as “No Referral Content”.

When the Response is recorded, an MMEx message is send to the Referrer containing the Status of the Response, Comment and the hyperlink to the referral.

To archive a Referral, right-click on any item and archive.

To restore, the user need to change the filter to Archived and right on that item and Restore

Referrals can be created from the following locations:

  • From Referral Management Screen: All Referrals created will appear in the Referral Management screen as either an Incoming or outgoing referral. This can be access via Referrals/Requests Menu

If the Referred by And Referred To Users are linked to the current logged-in user organisation account, those referrals will be present in this list. Basically, the user can see all referrals from organisations linked to his account. If the By and to Users are from the same organisation structure, it will categorised as an internal referral else it will display external external

User can create referrals on the Referral Management Screen by clicking Create Referral button.

This will open the Referral pop-up screen. To create a referral, the user must select a patient else the user will be alerted while he/she is trying to add it

Using the search filters, the user can view referral by Patient, Requester or Type. Others include Response Status filter, Organisation/User Filter, Archived/Current Filter and Category(Internal,External, All) filter, Combinations of these filters may generate a subset of referrals.Users can export it to an excel using the Export to Excel Button.

  • From the Intake Form: For referrals to be recorded, the patient details must be entered into section else no referral data will be recorded.

There are two ways to enter patient details - either fill the patient details section into the relevant fields or pick a patient from the MMEx using the Patient Picker

Once the details are picked or entered, the user can enter the referral details. [Note: User cannot upload files/pick documents from the picker if it is a new patient. Alert popup will be displayed to the user if clicked.]

When the form is saved, the referral details will appear in the Referral Details Section of the Patient

  • From Patient Clinical Record under Referral/Visits Tab : Similar to the Referral Details Section

  • From Mental Health, Create/Modify Case screen: Similar to the Referral Details Section

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