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Logging in

Install the MMEx Icon from the Townsville Applications menu of the QH App Store. You will need to download the MMEx icon onto the desktop of each computer that you use.

Click on this icon to open MMEx.

Please log in to MMEx using the MMEx app that is downloaded from your NOVELL username and password.


HBCIS is the source of truth for patient demographic data.

If a patient is not in HBCIS, they will not display or be able to be created in MMEx. New patient records need to be created in HBCIS before they can be seen in MMEx. Once created, they will be visible in MMEx.

Patient demographic details are not able to be edited in MMEx. Updates must be completed in HBCIS. The new details will be pushed into MMEx.

MMEx will display the latest information that has been entered into HBCIS. Remember that many patients have multiple linked HBCIS records from many HBCIS networks around the state. This may mean that a data error may originate from outside the local HBCIS network.

Patient details should be checked and updated by reception staff at each appointment, for this reason, all patients should report to reception prior to all clinical appointments.

Incorrect patient details

If patient is displaying incorrect details in MMEx, create a task for reception advising the new patient details. Reception staff will enter these details into HBCIS on the next business day.

Out of Hours HBCIS updates / record creation

If patient does not display in MMEx complete a HBCIS downtime form and fax to Townsville.

The Viewer

About the Viewer

Queensland Health information

The Viewer contains the following key clinical and administrative information:

  • patient demographics, admission and discharge history (HBCIS, ePADT, Client Directory)
  • validated pathology results and tests ordered (AUSLAB)
  • problems and primary diagnosis from emergency departments and hospital admissions (HBCIS, EDIS)
  • discharge summaries (EDS, TPCH eDS)
  • edication profiles and adverse reactions (eLMS)
  • operation notes (ORMIS)
  • radiology results (QRIS, RIS, HBCIS, RIPS, Kestral, CDN)
  • My Health Record

Access the Viewer

Click on the link in the patient record to open the viewer.

The Viewer will open as a “window in a window” and provide access to the current patient's records only.

Request Access

If you have a Novell Username and a Novell Password you can request access from The Viewer.

  1. Click on this link or enter this URL in QHEPS:
  2. Enter your Novell Username and Novell Password.
  3. Click on Submit.
  4. The Viewer Access Request screen displays.

  1. Complete the fields and click the ‘Submit Request’ button. This will automatically send your request to the approver that you selected.
  2. The system will send you email advising when your access has been granted.

If your request for access has not been successful please review the comment from the approver and reapply.

Looking for more information? More information regarding how to use The Viewer including a detailed user manual can be found on QHEPS at

New staff

In addition to all usual QH on-boarding processes, new staff need to be created as users in MMEx and allocated a user licence.

Please complete the new user form and send to QH Support. QH support will provide this information to MMEx who will create the user.

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