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To access this tab users need to have the permission Patient Programs applied to their profile.

  • Write - allow full interaction with the module so users can add and edit program participation data
  • Read - users can see the content of the module, including viewing program history, but cannot edit the information.

Organisations require a list of programs and a list of program discharge reasons configured by the Organisation Administrator. Refer here for more information.

Manage Patient Programs

From the patient details section of the patient record, or from the patient widget, select Programs.

Opening the record you will see the Add Program button. The Patient Program fields will display.

  • Program - the program list will display the programs that have been created in the organisation centre of the clinic you are logged in to.
  • Start Date - this will default to today's date. A historical date may be added, but not a future date.
  • Status - the current status of the patient's participation in the program
    • Active - the patient is an active participant in the program
    • Inactive - the patient is enrolled in the program but is not actively participating.
    • Discharged - the patient has completed the program and is no longer participating in any form.
  • Review Date - the date defaults to 6 months from today. It may be modified, but cannot be set to a date in the past. A flag will display in the programs table when the review date has passed.

Record the program details and click Save.

The program will display in a table.

The table can be filtered by program status, sorted by column title or searched by keyword.

  • Keyword Search references data in the Program Name and Discharge/Inactive Reason columns.
  • Status Filter has a default selection of All but status options Active, Inactive and Discharged can be selected to filter the table data.

Edit a Program

Click on Edit to open the program entry. Program properties, except name can be edited.

Mark as Inactive or Discharged

To mark a patient as inactive or discharge a patient from a program, click Edit and from the Edit screen, select status Inactive or Discharged. Two new fields will display.

  • Discharge/Inactive Date will default to today's date. A past date may be selected, but not a future date.
  • Discharge/Inactive Reason is a mandatory field. The list displays organisation configured reasons.

When a program is set to Discharged status, two new buttons display:

  • View Program displays a locked view of the properties of the program at the time it was saved as discharged status.

  • View History displays the change history of the program so you can see when the patient moved between active, inactive and discharged statuses.

Patient Programs Status Icon

When an active program is recorded for a patient, a new status icon will display Hovering your mouse over the program icon will display the programs that patient has recorded in Active status in a comma separated list.
Click on the icon to open up the programs page.

Patient Program Reviews

On the programs page, when a review date is in the past, the program entry will be highlighted pink.

Reporting on Patient Programs

Additional report criteria have been added to the demographics tab of Patient Reporting.
You will see the programs created in your organisation listed. Selecting All, one or more program fields will display status and review date fields for selection. As with all Patient Reporting, click Review to add the criteria to the search parameters. To view the program information in results ensure that the column Program details has been selected.

  • You cannot add a duplicate of program that is in active or inactive status.
  • You can add a new instance of a program that is in discharged status.
  • An active program will be highlighted pink when the review date is in the past.
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