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Printing Clinical Record

If you are requested to print a Patient Record, depending on the information required, you may need to print this in a number of steps. A one-click record print feature is in development.

Create a Complete Record document

A global template within Letter Writer Complete Record is available and will populate the following directly from the patient record:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Medicare Number
  • Allergies
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Current Medications
  • Immunisations
  • Medical History
  • Last Progress Note
  • Previous Scripts

With a patient record open select Letter Writer from the Messaging Menu

Select Create a letter from a template and type Complete Record. Click OK.

The template letter will be populated with all relevant information from the patient record.

Delete the sections which are not relevant.

Use the Insert Content options to insert additional information such as results or observations from the required time period.

Once completed, click Print, then Save Letter and Finalise.

Integrated Progress Note

An Integrated Progress Note allows the user to choose all progress notes or specific notes and move them into one document that can be saved in PDF format and printed.

With a patient record open, select the Clinical Summary page, navigate to Progress Notes and click the Print button.
Select All Notes or click in each box to print specific notes and Generate PDF

An integrated progress notes page will display in PDF, which can then be printed.


From a patient record, navigate to Documents.
Each document will need to be printed individually. If you have the user permission Print Documents you may right click and select print. This print option will only be available for uploaded or saved PDF or word documents or image files.

Click on the document line you wish to print, the PDF will be displayed for printing.
If you are printing a form and there is no print button, right mouse click on the page & click Print.

Specialty Areas

Most specialty forms create a PDF version of the form at the time of saving, these will be available in the documents list (as per above).

Other areas of the system eg. Women's Health include functions such as printing a pregnancy summary.

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