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My Profile

Profile Settings

To edit your profile settings click on My Profile in the Preferences section of the Settings Side Menu.

Your user profile will open.
You can add or change most of your details using the text boxes. To save the changes, click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.

User Profile settings

User level fields

Field Name Notes
TitleMandatory Field. Free text field: record your title/designation here.
Given NameMandatory Field. Free text field: record your first name here
Surname Mandatory Field. Free text field: record your surname here
Qualifications This field can be used to record your role title or qualifications. It can be set to populate this information into letters that you create.
E-mail Mandatory Field. This is the email address that you will use to reset your password if forgotten. Must be an individual email, not a shared email address.
Business Address Record your workplace street address here.
Postal AddressRecord your workplace postal address here or mark same as business
Telephone number (& mobile/Home numbers fields)Mandatory Field. a number must be recorded in the telephone number field. Mobile and home fields are optional.
Fax Number Record your fax number here
ABN Record your individual ABN here. If you work and invoice under an organisation ABN, leave this field blank.
Health Link ID Field not currently in use
Provider ID Record your Medicare Provider number here. This is required to be able to bill Medicare for services.
Prescriber Number Record your PBS Prescriber number here. This number will print on prescriptions you create.
AHPRA Record your AHPRA ID here
Provider Type This field determines the type of billing you can do. If you do not bill at all, Not Selected shoudl be set. Choose General if you do regualr Medicare billing, Specialist if you require a referral to be able to bill (eg. Specialist, Allied Health) and Pathology Services if you bill for Pathology only.
Auto Generate Observations from Progress Notes Enables configured observations to automatically populate the observations tab from progress notes.
Send Me Notification EmailsCheck this box to receive an email to your regular email address advising when you receive an MMEx secure message
Send Immunisations to AIRCheck this box if you wish to submit immunisation records that you create to AIR
Notify NHPVR of Gardasil VaccinationsField not currently in use
Send Notifications for immunisations to If your organisation requires to you notify a clinician of any vaccinations that you record, select the recipient of these notifications here.
Set Calendar Checkboxes not to default (For MHS Only) Field not currently in use
Hide Reason for contact field and use Reason as Progress Note header Overrides organisation settings to hide the Reason for Contact field. The progress note title will be the recorded Reason
Organisation Membership The name of the organisation that the profile you are viewing is attached to.
Forward Incoming Messages Select an option. This field may be used if you are going on leave or departing an organisation to ensure that any messages received prior to your account being deactivated are not missed or overlooked. NB: forwarded messages do not send a notification to the recipient.
Date Registered The date your user profile was created
Use Brand Name Sets medication selection preference for brand names instead of generic names
Time Zone Set your actual timezone. Default is equivalent to Australian Western Standard Time (Perth)
Username Your username. This can only be changed by MMEx administrators
Password Reset your password here
Two Factor Authentication Configure two-factor authentication to increase the security on your profile.
Login Timeout (only visible with org settings) The time when the system will log you out if you do not log out yourself (for example if you close your browser instead of clicking log-out.
Default Start Page Select you preference for your MMEx landing page
Default Patient Page Select your preference for the page that patient records open to
Default Patient Pathology Lab Template You can set a default template - field no longer required as the page remembers your last choice.
Default Patient Radiology Lab Template You can set a default template - field no longer required as the page remembers your last choice.
Signature Set a signature that will display in your secure messages
Out of Office Configure an out of office message that will be sent to senders of secure messages when this is activated. Check the box to enable and select the dates for out of office messages to be sent.
Medication PIN If you need to use a Medication PIN to confirm medications, set it using this link.
Enable Signature Tablet IntegrationCheck this box if you use a Topaz signature pad for signing on screen

Mandatory Fields:

(MMEx wont let you submit your preferences unless these fields are complete)

  • Title
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail
  • Telephone Number

Doctors, please ensure that your provider and prescriber numbers are complete and current.

Org Admin User Profile settings

Organisation Admins have access to additional fields for configuring user profiles. Access these from Manage Users in the Settings menu.
Select the user you wish to update and click Manage.
Fields visible to you will depend on your personal permissions. If there is a field you think you should be able to see and manage, but cannot, please contact MMEx Helpdesk.

Organisation Administrators can see all user level fields, plus the following:

Field Name Notes
Organisation Administrator's Personal Notes You can record administrative notes about the user profile here. Suggest recording reasons for making changes, along with date and initials of the person making changes.
Person Checkbox determines whether the profile is a person or an organisation
Medicare Location IDRecord an individual Medicare Location ID here, or leave blank to inherit the organisation Medicare Location ID.
HPII Healthcare Provider Identifier - Individual: record the individual number here. HI services needs to be turned on at the Org Centre to activate this field.
HPIO Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation: will display the organisation HPI-O that has been recorded in the organisation account. HI services needs to be turned on at the Org Centre to activate this field.
Manage Calendars Displays the calendars visible for the user. This is a duplicate of the Manage Calendars Screen accessed from Calendars page. Calendar visibility cannot be customised for an individual here.
PrintingIf the user's printing settings are different to the organisation default printer settings, configure the unique paths here
Lookup Categories/Regions These are categories that other users can find you under when searching through the MMEx Address Book. They also control user display in Tasks, Results, Patient Tracking and recording user activity for nKPI and OSR reporting.
Date Registered The date and time the user profile was created, and by whom
Last Edited The date and time the user profile was last edited, and by whom
Agreed on Licence The date and time the user agreed on the EULA
Last LoginThe date the user account was last accessed
User TypeShould be set to Active User for current users. Set to Disabled when deactivating a user
Active providerCheckbox should be marked only if the user is actively billing or requesting tests for the organisation. Uncheck for any staff who should not display in provider drop down lists (e.g. Reception staff)
Is organisationWill display False for an individual and True for an Organisation
User RoleYou will see the user roles that are available for selection at your organisation. If a user does not have a role applied they will be able to access secure messaging only.
PermissionsClick on Alter User's Permissions to modify permissions for the individual user. NB: MMEx recommends managing roles not user profiles for consistency and quality
Password Record a new password in the field if required. NB: users can reset their own passwords
Password SettingsWhen resetting a password, check User must change password on next login to force a change.
Web Service Password For use in organisation accounts - generate the password that is used by the MMEx Client to process HL7 messages received from pathology providers.
PIN NumberRecord a new medication PIN in the field if required. NB: users can set their own PIN
IP Login RestrictionList allowed IP addresses here to prevent users logging in from different locations.
Remember Last Switched User across loginsTBA
Link User Accounts - accounts that can impersonate this oneFor multi-site accounts, link a primary account to a secondary account here
Link User Accounts - accounts that this one can impersonateFor multi-site accounts, link secondary accounts to the primary account here
Security token to send file to IF PortalField no longer in use
Security token to send file to DoH PortalRecord the DoH Portal token here to submit nKPI and OSR reports. Only one user per organisation can have this token


If you would like to include a signature, click the Show Signature link. Click Edit. A large text box will appear on the screen. Here you can create or edit your signature. This will be included at the end of every message you send using MMEx. To format your text, use the buttons in the grey box at the top of the page. To save your signature, click Save.

Your signature will now show at the bottom of the Profile page. To save your signature, click Submit Changes.

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