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User Dashboard

MMEx now includes a configurable dashboard that allows you to create a customised “menu” of links to pages and patients in MMEx.
You can access the dashboard at any time by clicking on the grid icon near the user menu.

If you wish to set the dashboard as your default MMEx page, in your user profile, select Dashboard from the Default Start page drop down menu.

When you first open the dashboard you will see a welcome message, some default links and an Edit button.

Customising your dashboard

Please Note:
Customising your dashboard with a patient record open will result in some links (eg. forms and clinical record pages) being set to open with a patient context (the one currently open). We recommend ensuring that all patient records are closed BEFORE you edit your dashboard, unless that is your intention.

Click on Edit.
You will see dashed lines appear around sections of the screen. These are areas that you can edit.

Firstly Drag the MMEx welcome message to the Remove/Recycle bin area to remove it. You can then start configuring the remaining links.

Select the item you wish to add click and drag it to the dashboard.

Release your mouse to place the item on the dashboard.

You can use the global search field to locate specific forms,reports, patients or pages that you wish to link to. You can add many items to the dashboard.

Tailoring Dashboard display

Once you have selected your dashboard items you can adjust the size and position of items easily.
Use drag and drop to rearrange your icons to your preferred configuration.

You can resize individual icons by placing your cursor on the edge of a tile and use the arrows to drag the shape to your preferred shape. The tile you are resizing will be highlighted with a blue border.

There are three option buttons:

  • Reset to Default - restore the system default of 5 dashboard icons
  • Cancel - Undo all of your changes and revert to the previous version that you saved
  • Save Changes - Save the changes you have made and make this your new default dashboard.

To make further modifications after you have saved the dashboard, click Edit again.

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