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Personalise Forms

To personalise your form settings, click on Personalise Forms near the top of the Settings Menu

The Personalise Forms screen will open

In the Name column all the forms available on MMEx are listed. The Times Sent column shows a record of how many times you have sent each form. The Last Sent column displays the date at which you last sent each of the forms.

The Favourites column displays whether or not each form is listed as one of your favourites. Forms that are listed as favourites have a “True” marked in that column and will appear in your favourite forms list.

To set a preferred form as a favourite, you can click on the Toggle Favourite button, to alternate the status of the form from “False” to “True” or vice versa.

The Default CC List button allows you to set a default carbon copy for every form of that type that you send to another MMEx user. To add an MMEx user to your Default CC List for that form, click on the button either choose a participant from the MMEx address book or start typing their name in the box and select the person from the drop down list that will appear and click Save

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