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PENCat Clinical Audit Tool

The visibility of this report is managed by a user permission. You will need to have the permission Clinical Audit Export Report set to Allow in order to see and use it.
From the Forms & Reports side menu, click on All Reports

Search for the Clinical Audit Export Tool

Click on the Link.

Select your required data range, an the organisations you wish to include in the report.

Run the report by clicking Start Export Process.
Click OK.

You will see that the report is being processed

When the report is complete, it will be delivered to your MMEx inbox.

Please be patient as this report can take up to several hours to run (or more) depending on the date range and number of patients included in the report.

You will see a list of previous exports at the bottom of the page with an outcome status of the report.

In your Inbox you will see a notification that the report has commenced.

Save the File in accordance with Information Security Requirements for patient data in accordance with the Privacy Act. Upload the File to PENCat ( Please see PENCat's User Manual for further information)

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