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Patient Tracking

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Patient tracking is a clinic management tool that supports busy multi-disciplinary clinics; operates in a separate screen to “regular MMEx” so can be used on one monitor whilst undertaking your other actions on another.

  • It allows you to:
    • manage patient arrivals
    • see patient alerts at the reception desk
    • record wait times
    • track patient movement them through your clinic
    • record accurate duration of service information
    • ensure the patient sees all clinicians needed before leaving - patient tracking allows you to book the patient in with multiple clinicians
    • communicate billing items from clinician to reception
    • complete billing and exit patient from clinic post-consultation
  • Any user can add a patient to patient tracking from the calendar or patient record; it updates every 10 seconds so you will have a current overview of the clinic and patient locations.
  • Clinicians mark when a patient enters a consultation and when they leave.
  • A complete time record is retained in the patient record.
  • Patient tracking is configurable, allowing you to customise room and clinician lists to suit your needs.

About Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking is a useful tool for tracking the patient during their time in the clinic. When a patient attends the clinic, place them into Patient Tracking. This tool assists in monitoring the progression of the patient from the time they enter the clinic until discharge/end of the visit.

Using Patient Tracking will also facilitate improved reporting about Occasions of Service and time spent with patients.

To learn how to configure Patient Tracking for your organisation click here.

To open Patient Tracking, click on Patient Tracking on the Facility sub-menu

Patient Tracking will open in a new window that will sit in front or behind your MMEx screen. Most reception staff prefer to have patient tracking on a separate display to assist with managing the workflow.

Patient tracking updates automatically.

Adding Patients

When the patient presents, add them to patient tracking.

Right click on the patient appointment, or on the patient name in the patient search list.

From Patient Appointment

In the right click menu, move mouse to Put Patient in Venue and then select the venue you wish to place the patient in (eg Waiting Room)from the Venue List.
NOTE: This list includes both Calendar and Patient Tracking Venues.

A small icon will appear in the appointment block indicating the patient is in the Waiting Room

And the Patient will appear in the Patient Tracking Window and the timer will commence.

Using the Right-click Edit function will open the pop up that allows you to record who the patient will be seeing today.

From Patient Look up list

In the right click menu, move mouse to Put Patient in Venue and then select the venue you wish to place the patient in (eg Waiting Room)from the Venue List.

A popup will display

From the practitioner drop down lists, select all of the relevant clinicians that the patient will be seeing.

  • Record their reported problem (if that is your agreed organisation process). This will populate the Complaint section of Patient tracking.
  • Type any notes that are relevant.This will populate the Action/Handover field of Patient Tracking
    • Some organisations use the Notes section to record information such as the patient being scheduled for a health check that day, or perhaps to enter relevant billing codes if Clinicians do not enter that data into a visit themselves.
  • The presentation date and time will auto-populate.

Click Add

The patient will now appear in Patient tracking, with the names of the health professionals they are scheduled to see pre-populated, and the timer will commence.

Tracking Patients

With all patients initially displaying as being in the Waiting Room, the user is required to move the patient through the clinic in line with their movements.

A sample scenario is demonstrated below. Patient Valmai Allen is called in to see the Nurse.
The Receptionist changes the Patient's Venue to Clinic Room 1

When the consultation is over, the Nurse right clicks on the patient and selects Edit. In this popup they:

  • updates the patient venue (waiting room if patient has returned to the waiting room, or Clinic Room 2 if they have gone straight in to see the doctor.)
  • Marks Seen to indicate that they have completed their consultation with the patient.
  • Clicks Save to update patient tracking.

Patient Tracking will update to show the completed consultation in green text

The nurse takes patient Joanna Andersons in, whilst Valmai Allen is seen by the Doctor. When Valmai Allen is finished with the Doctor, the Doctor uses the right-click Edit option to to mark the patient as seen and directs them to go to Reception to make another appointment. The Doctor changes the patient's venue to Reception.

Marking patients as seen and marking where the patient has moved to is usually the responsibility of Clinicians, unless the Receptionist can see all areas of the clinic at all times.

This is completed for all patients attending the clinic.

Finalising Patient Visits

When a patient has completed their visit and returned to reception, the receptionist should right click on the patient's line in Patient tracking and select Discharge/End Visit On the pop up select the option that will take you to the patient billing screen where you can complete the visit and billing processes. If you accidentally discharge the patient from patient tracking before completing the billing, (and they disappear from your screen) simply open the patient record and complete the billing as usual.

Clicking on the right-click menu option Billing will open the patient's Billing History in the Patient Tracking window.
The right-click menu option History displays the history of the Patient's journey through the clinic for the current and past appointments.

Patient Tracking Reporting

Under Reports open the Patient Tracking - Occasions of Service Tracking Report

Select the date parameters of the report and the Venues and Health Professionals you want to report on.

Select the columns you wish to see in the report

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