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Patient Search

Finding a Patient

You can undertake a local patient search from any screen by entering the patient's name into a global search field in any side menu.

This will bring up a list of patients to select from - click on a name to open the patient record.
Access the full search screen by clicking on Patient Search in the Patient sub-menu.
This page will allow you to search patients in your Local facility and if access permitted it will also allow you to search for patients in Other facilities.

Using the Basic search bar (as shown above) you can search in both the first and last name fields by simply typing either into the text box. Alternatively, you can specify that you are searching for the surname by following it with a comma; or specify the first and last names by typing the last name, followed by a comma, followed by the first name. Clicking on the Advanced button will open up a view providing more specific search options.

There are 3 search filter drop down list available to narrow down the search result:
- Facility/Organisation scope
- Active/Inactive patient status
- Alive/Deceased patient status

Facility/Organisation filter:
Local Only – will search for patients within your facility, this include patients from another facility previously granted access.
All - will search for patients within your facility and other external facilities you have access to.
My Patients – will allow for searches on patients you have added a ‘My Patients’ tag

Active/Inactive filter:
Active and Inactive – will include both inactive and active patients in the result set
Active – will only include active patients in the result set (excludes inactive patients)
Inactive – will only include inactive patients in the result set (excludes active patients)

Alive/Deceased filter:
Alive and Deceased – will include both alive and deceased patients in the result set
Alive – will only include alive patients in the result set (excludes deceased patients)
Deceased - will only include deceased patients in the result set (excludes alive patients)

To view the full list of your patients, click the Search button without typing any text into the Patient Search field.

The advanced search feature allows the user to further define the patient search, click on the Advanced Search button in the tool bar at the top of the Patient Search page.

Enter the patient search criteria’s e.g. First name, Surname and Date of Birth in the boxes and click Search. One or many search conditions can be used to refine the search result, if an identifier like a URN (or any other identifier recorded against the patient) is known then the Identifier search field can be used.

The ‘Similar Names’ option allows for a Soundex algorithm to be applied to the entered names.

If the search option for Similar names is set to ‘Included’ then a Soundex algorithm is applied to the entered names, i.e. for a surname name search of Smith, similar sounding surnames like ‘Smythe’ and ‘Schmidt’ will also be returned in the result set.

If the search option for Similar names is set to ‘Excluded’ then the patient search only apply direct name matches.

The Clear button will remove all previously entered search criteria and reset the search screen.

To switch to the basic search view, click the Advanced button.

Patient Search Columns

The list below contain a brief explanation of the patient search column content.

  • Title: Displays Patient title
  • Surname: Displays Patient surname. This column will also contain Patient ‘Inactive’ and ‘Deceased’ icons.
  • Middle Name: Displays Patient first name.
  • Preferred Name: Displays patient preferred name (if recorded).
  • Alias: Displays the patient Alias (if recorded).
  • Sex: Displays Patient gender.
  • DOB: Displays the Patient Date of Birth.
  • Age: Displays the Patient current age.
  • Medicare: Displays the Patient Medicare number, if missing an orange warning triangle will be displayed .
  • URN: Displays the Patient Unique Record Number.
  • Address: Displays the Patient Permanent Residential Address.
  • Facilities: Displays any facility that have ownership of the patient record. If multiple facilities have patient record ownership, the Primary Provider facility will be identified by a green ‘Primary’ icon.

Recent Patients

Open the Patients menu to see a list of Recent Patients. This list allows you to easily move between patient records whilst using a single tab.

For organisations that conduct searches beyond their own or shared patient lists, additional searches are available where configured.

Providing Patient Search Access been configured enable searching external MMEx organisations/facilities and shared patient lists using the All patient search scope option, the result set will show patient records for those facilities in the Other section.

If your clinic is configured to enable intermittent access to a patient record, you will use the Import Patient button to search for a patient.

This will open the window as shown below. The other organisation needs to be selected to search for the patient:

Searching for the patient will show them listed as shown:

If consent is required to be recorded (as a condition of access), then clicking on the patient record will open the consent page, allowing you to record the consent details.

Once consent has been added, the patient record can be accessed.

Create a New Patient Record

The visibility of the ‘New Patient’ link is controlled by an Organisation Setting, if the New Patient link is visible on the left hand side menu clicking on it will open a new page to create a new patient record.

Some organisations may choose to have a workflow where a patient search is required before creating a new patient. In this scenario, click on the Patient Search link and perform a patient search.

If the patient doesn’t exist in the search result, then use the + Add Patient button on the top right hand side of the patient search screen to open up the New Patient page.

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