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Patient Tags

It is recommended that Tags are used to identify specific cohorts of patients - perhaps those who have participated in a health promotion group or program.

It is recommended that you utilise the Tasks for identifying actions that are due for a specific patient or attaching reminders about specific activities.

Applying a Tag

Tags are applied on the Tags Tab of the Patient Details screen.
Check the Add Existing Tag list to see if the tag you wish to apply already exists - if it does select it from the list and click Add.
If the tag you want is not available, type the tag you wish to apply into the New Tag field and click Add.

The Tag will display above these entry fields.

Removing a Tag

Click on Delete adjacent to the tag you wish to remove.

Tag Clean-up

It is recommended that Tags are cleaned-up periodically to remove those that are no longer needed or those that have been inappropriately applied. Open Patient reporting and on the Demographic tab, select the Tabs you wish to remove.
Ensure you also include 'Inactive Patients' in your search.

  • Click Review, you will see the summary of the report you are running with selected tags listed.

  • Click Search to run the report. A list of patients that have those tags applied will appear.

  • Open each record and delete the tag.
  • When all instances of that tag have been deleted from all patient records(active and inactive), the Tag will no longer appear in the Tags list or in the Tags section of Patient Reporting.

Tag as 'My Patient'

To mark a Patient as “My Patient” and hence making it easy to filter your Patient Reporting by “My Patients”. In the patient search list, right click on the Patient name.

Hover the mouse to Add Tag and then click Add To My Patients from the extended menu.

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