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Change Patient Record Status

Make Inactive

Search for and select the desired patient, and go to the Demographics tab of the patient details section of the patient record.

Click Edit

Click Make Inactive if the client no longer attends your clinic or is deceased.

You will be required to enter a reason from he drop down list, as to why you are making the Patient Record Inactive. This list is configurable in the Organisation Centre

Click Save when finished.

If your organisation has activated the Clinical Record Clean Up feature, you will then see

You can select which patient related activities you wish to cease. This will save you from needing to search through calendars for future appointments, from individually archiving results etc and will remove the patient data from any reports on active patients.

Mark as Deceased

On the Patient Details, General Tab, where you marked the patient as Inactive, you will see

Click on Add Details. In this popup you will see any currently recorded death details.

To record death details click on edit.

Entering a date in the Deceased date box will mark the patient as deceased. You have the option to make the patient record inactive after recording the deceased date.

Cause of Death and Interval between onset and death are optional fields.

Make Active

Select “Show Inactive” from the right hand side before you start your search for inactive patients.
Go to Patient Search and search for your patient.

Select your Patient.

Open the demographics tab from Patient Details.

Click Edit,

then click Make Active and then Save.

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