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Patient Record Naming

DHS Naming Conventions

To meet Australian Government Department of Human Services (the department) validation rules characters accepted are alpha-numeric characters, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces, however spaces must not appear immediately before or after the apostrophes and hyphens.

For example:

  • O'Toole - Valid
  • O' Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces after apostrophe)
  • O 'Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces before apostrophe)
  • Anne-Marie - Valid
  • Anne -Marie - Invalid (one or more spaces before hyphen)
  • Anne- Marie - Invalid (one or more spaces after hyphen)
  • Anne - Marie - Invalid (one or more spaces before and after hyphen)
  • Robert AKA Bob - Valid
  • Robert (Bob) - Invalid ( '(' and ')' are not one of the allowed characters)

Please ensure that the name used in these fields matches the name displayed on the Medicare card. For example, where William is on the Medicare card however the preferred name is Bill, please transmit William.

Patients with one name only

Register new patient in MMEx with the following:
First name: Onlyname
Surname: their actual name

Complete the remaining details and click Save & Open.

On the Demographics tab, click Edit. Click on Manage Aliases.

Click on Add Alias

Enter Onlyname in the First Name field The name that displays on the Medicare care in the Last Name field and check the box Medicare Alias.

Click Add

Clear the First Name field and save the Patient Record

The patient’s single name will display as their record name, whilst their Medicare Alias will display in the Aliases field.

The patient’s billing should now be able to be processed.

Mark patient as a Test patient

If you create a patient that is to be a test patient, you can exclude them from OSR and nKPI reporting by giving them a surname that begins with an asterix (Surname: *Test)

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