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URN/Patient Identifiers


Open Patient Demographics and scroll to the Identifiers section of the Demographics tab..

You may use the URN (Unit Record Number) or UMRN (Unit Medical Record Number) fields (either or both) to record a client record number of your choosing. When saved, the field that has an identifier recorded in it will display in the demographic header.

When a URN or UMRN has been recorded, you can search for patients by this number from the Patient Search page.

URN Auto-Generation

URN is auto-generated by the system for each patient within MMEX. The auto-generation will use the Meteor (Metadata online registry) protocol(Accessed from the following link )

The URN Auto-generation feature can be turned on from the Organisation Centre. There are three options for URNs - manual, Sequential, METeOR.

You will then be able to update the URNs for all existing patients within the organisation.

Concession Cards

Concession cards are recorded in the other identifiers section along with other relevant patient identifiers (i.e. not Medicare Number, Department of Veterans' Affairs, URN/MRN) by clicking Add and completing the data in each row. Other identifiers can include:

  • Concession Card
    • To trigger billing incentives concession cards must be recorded here, with a number and valid expiry date.
  • Custom Identifiers
    • Ad hoc identifiers that are bespoke to your organisation or region
  • Health Fund
    • Record private health insurance details
  • Identifier
    • Patient Record Identifiers e.g. URN, UMRN
    • Used by external source systems (if relevant) to populate known URNs for example.
    • Other identifiers required by your organisation including employee numbers, passport number, drivers licence number etc. If you would like an option added to this list please email

Once data is no longer valid or if incorrect, click the Action button relevant to the line item and click Archive; click Show Archived to view archived identifiers.

If your organisation is eligible to claim Bulk Billing Incentive items, and has activated the setting to add this incentive automatically, the incentive box is automatically checked if the patient has a valid concession card recorded in Patient Identifiers.

At the top of the Demographics tab, click Save before leaving the page.

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