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Patient Record Management

Creating Patient Records

Patients can be added into the MMEx patient database in a number of ways:

  • Regular and ongoing import options:
    • Manual entry (see below)
    • Importing from linked clinics (See below)
    • Integration with external patient management systems can be developed - this is a significant piece of development work to establish but is in place for a number of our customers. Contact our Projects Team for more information
  • One-off import events:
    • Importing from an alternative practice management system, such as Communicare, MD3, Best Practice, Mastercare or a bespoke database. Contact our Projects Team for more information (see below).

Manual Entry

Enter all of the known information into the relevant fields. Whilst mandatory fields are determined by your organisation, MMEx requires the surname field and medicare number fields be completed as a minimum to create a patient record. You can indicate that there is no medicare number available using the check box provided. All dates must be entered into MMEx following the format: dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 17/05/1982.

Once you have finished, click the Save button to view the Patient Details page, or the Save & Open button to start adding notes to the patient's clinical record.

You can always get back to this page by opening the patient record and clicking on Edit Details under the Patient Avatar OR in the Patient Widget menu, select Demographics, under Patient Details.

Demographic fields can be controlled in the organisation centre.

Importing from linked clinics

This function is only available for users that have access to multiple patient lists. (Lists are usually shared where patients may present at any clinic of that organisation/collaborative group of organisations.) Access to patient lists is based on organisation requirements and is configured in the organisation profile by the MMEx Helpdesk.

Open the patient search page and click on Import Patient A patient search page will open with a drop down list that displays the lists you have access to. Select the list for the clinic where the patient usually attends. Type in the name of the patient you are looking for If there is no such patient record you will see the following If the patient record exists, click select adjacent to the patient record that you wish to open If required by organisational requirements or by inter-organistiaon MoU, record the consent to access this patient record.

The patient record will open, a notification of patient access will be recorded in the patient documents list and a notification email will be sent to the “owner” organisation advising the of the access.

Importing from a pre-existing database

Patient records may be imported into MMEx as a project undertaken when a new clinic is created. This process involves a number of steps:

  1. Providing the source database
  2. Creating a bespoke importer if required
  3. Testing the source data import
  4. Clinical Validation in a test environment
  5. Clinical Validation in a pre-production environment
  6. Clinical Validation in the production environment

Each stage is signed off before proceeding to the next step.

This process usually takes around 6 weeks from start to finish and is managed as a joint project between MMEx staff and your organisation's staff. Contact our Projects Team for more information

Additional Patient Record Properties Information

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