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Palm Island Women's Health Week

  1. Complete the Patient Registration form (any contact or demographic changes need to be updated in HBCIS)
  2. Enter patient into MMex Outreach calendar
  3. Open patient record
  4. Update alerts and allergies
  5. Check to-do list
  6. Update consent for screening, smoking, alcohol and immunisations as required

Open observations tab, click new observation and from the drop down menu on the right side of the screen (says default), change to Palm Island Women's Health Week (less information required) - record observations

Return to clinical summary screen.
Record the following:

  • Reason for contact > select> Screening activity
  • Visit type > Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Outcome > completed
  • Location > change to Mobile Health Clinic if using it or Community if not.

Select the Palm Island Women's Health Week template and click Insert Template. The progress note will populate with the template that leaves room for free text fields as well if required by the clinician.

NB: If giving MMR (mumps campaign standing order) or Meningococcal vaccines (meningococcal Immunisation Campaign) also add the standing orders here at the template function.
You can add each one in turn and save when completed.

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