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Palliative Care

From the patient record click on the Patient Widget and select Palliative from the Speciality column.

The following tabs will display:

  • Patient - Add specific patient information, Alerts, Medications, Allergies, Social and Family History will be populated from the Patient Record if the information has already been recorded. You able to Edit this information under each heading
  • Episodes - Add Episode and Phase information. You can also complete the SAS, Karnofsky Score, RUD ADL Assessment and Problem Severity Score from this tab
  • History - displays the history of Episodes and graphs scores from all of the Assessments completed in the Episodes tab. These can be displayed all together in one graph or individually by unselecting the tick box
  • Care Plans - Existing Care Plans will display here and new Care Plans can be added
  • Documents - displays any existing Documents saved to the Patient Record and new documents can be uploaded here
  • Notes - Progress Notes can be written and saved here.
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