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Create User Accounts

There are a number of ways that you can create user accounts in MMEx

Create a Brand New User Account

On the User tab of the organisation Centre, click Create new user.
Visibility of this button will depend on the licencing agreement your organisation has with MMEx.

If your organisation is comprised of multiple organisational silos, you will be able to select the organisation for the user account to belong to from the organisation membership list.
Select the user account type:

  • Primary User - standard account with a log in username and password
  • Secondary User - a user that cannot be logged in as, but can be switched to from a primary user profile
  • Service Account - an account for a secure message endpoint (secure messaging only)

Give the user a unique username and password.

You can then set password options and login restrictions.

If you select to create a secondary account, you will be asked to select the primary account to link the secondary profile to. A username will created for you. The profile will inherit the log in properties selected for the primary account and will not have a password applied. Then select the role to apply to the user profiles.

Create from a Template

Select Use profile as template from the user Action menu.
This creates a new user account with the properties of the one you selected with the same:

  • organisation membership
  • user type
  • role
  • licence type and expiry date
  • Categories
  • Timezone

But with blank:

  • title
  • name
  • qualifications
  • email
  • phone
  • Provider number
  • Provider type

Use this option to create a new user account with the same characteristics as the original.

Create Secondary Account

To create a secondary account from a user's primary account, select Create Secondary Account from the user Action menu.

This allows you to create a new user account for this user, that is linked to their primary account. The account is automatically:

  • set as a Secondary user account type,
  • linked to the primary account that you selected,
  • assigned a system generated username

The user details are duplicated with the content of the primary account. NB: you will need to change any site/role specific information such as:

  • Provider numbers that are location specific
  • selected roles if the user performs a different professional role using this account.

You will be able to select the organisation for the user account to be created in from the Organisation Membership field. This drop-down will display the organisations related to your customer group in alphabetical order.

You can also create a secondary account by clicking Add New User, selecting the Secondary account type and choosing the primary account to link the account to.

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