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Template Management

On this Tab, you can manage the Templates that appear in the various template lists for all users of your organisation.

You can manage Global Templates and Organisation Templates.

Global Templates

Click on Subscribe to global templates

You will see a popup with a drop down list containing all global templates

Select a template from the list and you will be shown a preview of the template. If that is the template you wanted, click OK.
If it is not the correct template, select another from the list.

To leave the template selector, click on Close.

After selecting a template and clicking OK, you will see a subscription confirmation message and the template will appear in your global templates list.

To Unsubscribe from a Global template, click on Unsubscribe button in the relevant line.
The template will disappear from your subscribed list and from all template lists in the messaging screens.

Organisation Templates

This table displays the Organisation level templates that have been created and that display to your users.

Give the template a name by which it will be identified in the relevant template list.

Select the type of template you wish to create from the drop down list. This determines where you will be able to access the template:

  • Compose/Letter/Document - to be used in Compose new MMEx messages or create new letters/documents
  • Progress Note - use the template for creating progress notes in a patient record
  • Referral/General Report/Discharge Summary - will appear in template lists found in a number of report and discharge summary forms.
  • SMS Reminder - used for SMS reminders from Calendars and/or Bulk Actions (Patient Reporting)
  • ED Triage Assessment Summary
  • Document Header

Enter text and use the formatting tools to create your desired template.
The Autofill Markers can be used to automatically pull relevant information from the selected patient record at the time of writing the letter. Select your desired auto-fill, ensure your cursor i where you want it, and click on the +
The template

The result

Please refer to Manage my Templates for more information about custom tags, images, signatures, copying templates etc.

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