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Patient Record Management

In this control, there are a number of settings to manage users merging and unmerging patient records. Seek relevant Clinical Governance advice for settings in this section.

Options include:

Clinical Review

  • to set whether or not system needs to create a task for clinical review after merge.
  • Options: No Prompt (ie no Review required), Prompt (Optional), Auto Prompt (Mandatory).

Clinical Review Task:

  • set a Task type to be created which requests clinical review.
  • Options: currently Clinical Data Review is the Task option available.

Restrict unmerge after:

  • Set a time limit on when the records may be unmerged
  • Options 1-7 days

Note: In order to be able to merge a patient record, users need to have been assigned Patient Merge permission. In user permissions, Org Admin should select Write for the Patient Merge permission

Clinical Record Clean-up

When patient is marked as inactive display the Deactivation Checklist form - Checkbox. After the reason for making inactive has been selected, a Clean Up Clinical Record pop-up opens to prompt the user to cease and archive client specific items

Patient Inactive Reasons

Configure the list of available reasons for a patient record to be made inactive.
If custom list is not configured, the default list will display.

Open request forms in a new Tab

Determines at an organisation level whether pathology and radiology request forms will open within the current tab or in a new tab.

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