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Patient Consents

This Tab in the Organisation Centre allows the Organisation Admin to Manage and Create the Consents that are visible to the users in their organisation.

On this page the Organisation Administrator can manage

  • Global Consents - a list of consents available for all MMEx users to use, and
  • Organisational Consents - a list of consents that are visible to users at the current organisation only.

It is important to note that this feature controls the management of Patient Consent Types. It does not manage or create Patient Consent forms.

Global consents are a list of consent types that have been created and are available to all MMEx users.

To make these consents visible to your organisation, you need to subscribe to the global consent. Click on Subscribe to Global Consent\\.
A popup will open, from the drop down list, select the consent you wish to subscribe to and click OK

The consent will now appear in the list of subscribed Global consents.

If you did not create the consent, then you will not be able to alter the Allow Multiple or Help Text options.
Unsubscribe by clicking on Unsubscribe.


Please use caution when unsubscribing from Global Consents.

Some global consents activate key features of MMEx. Unsubscribing from them will impact your functionality.
These include:

Global Consent nameWhat it does
Clinical Information Sharing Enables the Medisecure prescriptions feature
PIP CTG CoPayment Measure Interacts with the ATSI Health Check Pathway
PIP IHI Interacts with the ATSI Health Check pathway
Consent for Imagesincludes consent fields specific to image use
Research,publication or education includes consent fields specific to using information for research, publication and education

If you have any doubt, please contact MMEx Helpdesk for clarification before unsubscribing.

Organisational Consents are Consents that are only available to users at your organisation. Complete the fields Consent Name: Free text field - is the display name of the consent.
Help Text: Free text field that allows you to record a short explanation of the purpose of the Consent or the circumstances when it should be used.
Allow Multiple: a check box - when selected users will be able to upload multiple versions of this consent. This would be appropriate for a consent that needs to be gained annually for example.

Click on the consent that you wish to Edit or Archive.

To Edit, change the properties that you wish to edit and click OK

To Archive, click on Archive You will be asked to confirm your intent to Archive, and if confirmed, the consent will be removed from the list of active Organisational consents.

To view Archived Consents, select Show Archive Consents from the filter.

To restore an Archived Consent, click on the Restore button

All archives that have been subscribed to or created for your organisation (whether Active or Archived) will display on the Patient Reporting, Consents Tab.

They cannot be removed from this list.

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