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To setup Medisecure, you must first register your clinic sites with Medisys. Contact Medisecure on 1800472747

You will need to provide the following information for each site you wish to register:

  • Clinic Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Minor ID -found on Billing tab of Org Centre
  • ABN
  • Contact Person Name
  • Operating System - MMEx.

Medisecure will generate an activation code for each site. This information can be sent via email to the MMEx helpdesk.


In order to be able to use Medisecure you will need:

  • HI Services activated - on the Settings tab, open HI Services and check the Enable HI Service access for my organisation box.
  • Medicare Location ID configured for your organisation - contact the MMEx Helpdesk if you do not have this already configured

In the Organisation Centre, on the Medisecure tab.

Enter the Medisecure-provided activation code in the Activation Code field and click Submit button.

The Status will display with a status of Pending until it is validated by the system. It will then display as Enabled.

Sending Prescriptions Setting

Then select whether you want your prescriptions sent to Medisecure:

  • all scripts for all patients without needing to record a patient specific consent - set Send scripts to Medisecure without patient consent to Yes
  • only scripts for patients that have a patient specific consent recorded in their record- set Send scripts to Medisecure without patient consent to No

Insights Report

The MediSecure Transmission Error log is currently only available to view via an Insights report (MediSecure Transmission Error Log Report).

The report will show a patient list of failed messages with the date and time together with the MediSecure error description.

There are filter options for the patient primary organisation and error log date range.

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