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Medication Lists

On this page users can manage settings for and the properties of unique medication lists (also known as Standing Orders.) You must have Medication List Management permission and Organisation Administration role to see the page.

Medication List Management can also be accessed from the Organisation Centre, or directly from the Settings menu in the Tools sub-section

Seek relevant Senior Clinician / Clinical Governance advice for settings and contents of this section.

Create a Medication List

Click on Add New Medication List to create a Medication List for your organisation. Give your list a descriptive name, as well as a short name. The Short Name is the name that will be displayed to users in the prescription window. Due to space requirements in this window, an abbreviation of some kind is advised.

Assign the list a Standing Order Category.

  • This allows the organisation administrator to classify medication lists into 4 separate classes for standing order medication management.
  • Each class corresponds to a matching user permission, enabling medication list access to be configured to user roles.
  • If a medication list is associated with a standing order type, it will only be available to users who are given matching permission to access that list.

Tick Visible in Medication Screen when your list is complete and you are ready for users to start using it.

Once your list is created, it will display in a table with all Medication Lists for your organisation.

Medication list Actions

Each medication list has an action menu. From the action menu for this medication list you may:

  • Edit - Edit the List properties eg Name, Short name, Standing Order number
  • Edit List Items - Add items to the Medication List using MIMs
  • Add/edit Access - Share the Medication List with another MMEx organisation and allow or remove editing permissions.

Add items to a Medication List

Click on Add New Medication Item to add contents to the list.

If you are creating a Standing order list for a user who will be prescribing and supplying medications from an imprest, ensure that the imprest is configured BEFORE the Medication (standing order) list is configured.

Add a MIMS Drug

The default selection Add MIMS Drug will be pre-selected. Select MIMS or Imprest as the source of medications you will be selecting for the medication list.

If you selected MIMS when you start typing, you will have access to the full MIMS listing of medications. If you selected Imprest, only medications available in an already configured imprest will be available for selection.

Select the drug to be included in the list from the provided options.

  • Choose Generic or BrandName to display.
  • Choose to link to other similar MIMS drugs if desired.

Click Add

The drug will now display in a list of all drugs included in the Medication list.

These can be Edited or Archived.

Add a Custom Drug

There are times you may wish to add drugs to the list that are prescribed according to a Medication Protocol that has different properties to MIMS drugs, or perhaps is a compunded medication that needs to be specifically prepared by a Pharmacist.

This feature allows you to do this.

Record the prescription in the relevant fields.

Sharing a list with another organisation

For the list you wish to share with another organisation, click on Add/Edit Access. Select the organisation you wish to share access with and then define the conditions of that access.

  • Visible in Medication Screen - if the organisation will be prescribing from this list, check this box
  • Can Edit List - if the organisation will be managing this list, check this box
  • Sort order - using up to three letters you can determine the order in which the standing orders display to users in the prescribing screen. This order only influences the standing order display and does not influence the org settings for the order of display of MIMS, Imprest and Medication Lists.

Access to Medication Lists

User Permissions

In the Users tab, select the user you wish to give permission to and click on the Modify button. Scroll down and click on Alter User's Permissions

This opens the individual's permissions. Scroll down the Patient Medication section

There are four standing order permissions available for lists 1-4 that allows for up to four separate standing orders lists for users to access.

User Permission What it does
Prescribe Standing Order Category 1 MedicationAllows users to prescribe and dispense from a standing order category 1 medication list
Prescribe Standing Order Category 2 MedicationAllows users to prescribe and dispense from a standing order category 2 medication list
Prescribe Standing Order Category 3 MedicationAllows users to prescribe and dispense from a standing order category 3 medication list
Prescribe Standing Order Category 4 MedicationAllows users to prescribe and dispense from a standing order category 4 medication list

Select Allow from the drop down list and save the changes you made to the user profile.

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