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In this Control there are multiple settings for a number of medication setting options. Seek relevant Senior Clinician / Clinical Governance advice for settings in this section.

NB: This is a frequently changing page in MMEx - new development will often include new organisational settings to turn items on and off.

Medication Workflow Settings

Users can supply/administer to a patient without dispensing a medication - Yes/No

  • Supply / Administer options are displayed as an Action menu option in the Current Medication & Script views.
  • Administration is only allowed when there is a valid script recorded for the selected medication.

Users that do not have permission to prescribe a medication must perform a VTO in order to dispense that medication - Yes/No

  • Applies the same rules for dispensing a medication that are required for adding a prescription.

Users must supply / administer when dispensing medication from a VTO / Standing order - Yes/No

  • Users that are attempting to dispense via VTO will not be able to complete the action without recording details about a corresponding supply or administration action

Mandatory Barcode Verification - Yes/No

  • During a medication event (dispense, supply, administer) the user must scan the medication barcode to verify the medication being provided against the barcode recorded in the imprest.

Allow Supplying from Manage Imprest for Unscheduled Medications - Yes/No

  • Allows users to supply unscheduled medications directly from an imprest instead of from a patient record.

Allow Info Only Current Meds - Yes/No

  • Show Info Only Button in Medication Tab)

Allow Info Only Scripts - Yes/No

  • Show Info Only checkbox in New Prescription window

Medication Settings

Use Review Alert Period For Script Expiry - No/Yes

  • Sets the expiry date for new prescriptions to default to the time period for reviewing medications
  • (eg. if the review alert period is 6 months, all new prescription expiry dates will default to 6 months)

Review Alert Period - free text field / time option

  • Set the time period for reviewing medications
  • Free text numerical field
  • Corresponding time period drop down list - options days/weeks/months/years.

Show Amber Flag Prior to Review Date - Yes/No

  • Activates a warning that a medication is about to expire and requires review.

If yes to above: Create medication review task for prescribers of medication that's within the amber flag review date period - Yes/No

  • Sets the time period that the Amber Flag will appear BEFORE the medication expires.

Medications List Sort Order - Sort list

  • When you utilise MIMS, Imprest and/or Medications Lists
  • Can set the order they appear in prescription window (from left to right)

Enable S100/non-S100 Script Type Options - Yes/No

  • If an organisation supports the S100 funded medications scheme (eg Aboriginal Medical Services) this setting allows scripts to be defaulted and marked as script type S100.
  • Check box the Prevent restricted prescribers from creating PBS, RPBS and Private Scripts

Display Medication Signature - Yes/No

  • Displays Signature box in Prescriptions

Verbal Telephone Order Authorisation - All users / Only Authorised Users

  • Restricts ability to authorising VTOs

Make Clinical Indication field Mandatory - Yes/No

  • Requires users to record a clinical indication for all medications being prescribed before they can be save and/or printed.

Automatically Add New Indications to Medical History - No/Yes

  • When an Indication is recorded in the Prescription window, provides the option to automatically add new items to the Patient's medical history

Automatically Add New Progress note for Variable Dose Medication - No/Yes

  • Automatically adds a Progress Note that summarises the Variable Dose Medication Form

Enable Polypharmacy Alert - Yes/No

  • Activates an alert for users that the patient is taking sufficient medications that they should consider use of dose administration aid, carer training or medication review.

If yes to above

  • Limit of current regular medications - free text field to nominate the number of medications that may be prescribed before users will see this alert.

Enable Allergy/Interaction Acknowledgement Alert - Yes/No

  • Generates an alert when an allergy or interaction alert is identified. User must acknowledge the alert before prescribing

Allow Prescriptions of Partial Pack Quantities Yes/No

  • Allows user to prescribe less than the PBS quantity if packs selected is <1.

Enable Reason for selecting off a medication list field - Yes/no

  • Requires user to record a reason for prescribing a medication that is not on the standard approved list of medications

Enable Medication Linking Functionality - Yes/No

  • Activates the Medication linking workflow to reduce duplicate medications

Show “Emergency Telehealth Service” in Medication Reason List - Yes/No

  • Displays the option of “Emergency Telehealth Service” in the Medication Reason List

PRN Frequency is Mandatory - Yes/No

  • If set to Yes, forces user to specify a PRN period. Disallows “As Required”

Default to 'Comprehensive View' - Yes/No

  • If set to Yes, the organisation's users will see the comprehensive medications view by default

Medication Event Settings

Auto-populate Prescriber ID - No/Yes

  • Where Prescriber ID field is visible, the user's Prescriber ID will auto-populate with the number entered in the user profile Prescriber ID field

Auto-populate RAN ID - No/Yes

  • Where RAN ID field is visible, the user's RAN ID will auto-populate with the number entered in the user profile RAN ID field

Validate Prescriber / RAN ID (Ensure entered value is correct before allowing save) - No/Yes

  • Where user is required to enter this ID item, the system will the require the number to be correct before saving.

Default Identifier Option for Confirming User - Prescriber ID / RAN ID

  • A security feature using Prescriber ID or RAN ID

Automatically check “Supply Now” when dispensing medication - Yes/No

  • When a user dispenses a medication, the supply now check box will be checked automatically.

Participates in the CTG PBS Co-Payment Measures - No/Yes

  • Activates CTG settings and features at Organisation level
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