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Organisation Administration - Imprest

These instructions will assist you with the administrative processes for setting up an Imprest and managing user permissions for accessing the Imprest. Information about using the Imprest day to day to manage stock and orders is found here.

Imprest Workflow

How to set up Imprest

On the Settings Menu, in the Imprest Management section, click on Imprest Properties

On the Imprest Properties Page, click on the Create New Imprest button.

On this screen you can set the basic Imprest details such as Name, Description, Who orders are sent to and whether members of the organisation are allowed Write Access (to add information) to the Imprest

Complete these details for each imprest you wish to set up. You may have one at each clinic location or perhaps multiple imprests at one clinic, depending on what will be included in the imprest.

The Default Order Recipient is the person to whom orders are to be sent for confirmation. Allowed Order Recipients are those who may receive the order and confirm it - perhaps in the absence of the default recipient due to delegation or leave.

Click Create and the Imprest is established. Returning to the main Imprest Properties page you will see the Imprest Name, Yes, indicating that you Can Administrate the Imprest and an Edit button.

Click on the Edit Button.

Managing Access to the Imprest

If you checked the box during set-up, returning to the Imprest details, you will see a list of all users from my organisation. Currently ALL users have access to the Imprest.

To manage this access, you need to consider the purpose of the Imprest and who might Add or Remove items from it during the course of their work, then adjust the write permissions accordingly.

For example:

  • Doctors and Nurses may interact with a Medication Imprest,
  • Allied Health Staff and Health Workers may interact with an Equipment Imprest,
  • Doctors, Nurses, and Allied Health Staff may interact with a Consumables Imprest, and
  • Social Workers or Health Promotion Staff may interaction with a Resources Imprest

You may also assign access permissions individually.

To edit permissions, for the individual user you wish to modify, click on the Edit link in the line containing their name. Check the box Can Administrate if you want to assign Administration Privileges to the person. It is a good idea to have more than one Administrator.

You should then ensure that each user has the appropriate permission for the Imprest by selecting from the Permission drop-down list:

  • Write - can enter information (eg quantities) into the imprest,
  • Read - can view the imprest contents but not make any changes or
  • Deny - cannot see or interact with the imprest

then click Update or Cancel.

In the list, changing the Permission status of a generic user profile, such as a clinic location or Parent Organisation, will change all users who are attached to that group.

You are able to add new users to this list by clicking on Add New Permission.

Select a user using the search box (searches MMEx user database), assign the relevant permission and check the box to indicate that the user Can Administrate if appropriate. Click Add to save.

Click on Add New Item Category to set up the required item groups for the Imprest.

Type the Category name in the box and click Add to save.

Once created, category names may be edited or deleted by clicking on the link for the relevant category.

Click on the Update button at the top of the screen to complete the initial set up.

User Permission Settings

There are a number of permissions relating to the Imprest.

  • Imprest Allows users to create and manage a medication imprest from which staff can dispense medications (or consumables) from. This also allows you to manage the medication stock in your clinic.
  • MIMS Allows users to search for medications using the MIMS database ($250 charge)
  • Imprest Dispense Allows users to dispense medications (or Consumables) from the imprest list

Person responsible for setting up and maintaining the Imprest content requires:

  • Imprest - Write
  • MIMS - Allow (Contact MMEx Helpdesk to organise MIMS Access if required.)

Staff who dispense items from the Imprest require:

  • Imprest Dispense - Write
  • MIMS - as per usual role permissions

Staff responsible for Generating Orders:

  • Imprest - Write

Staff responsible for Approving Orders:

  • Imprest - Write

Staff responsible for Checking Orders:

  • Imprest - Write

Staff responsible for Stocktake:

  • Imprest - Write

Managing the Imprest Contents

For information on the day to day management of the Imprest, please click here.

Tracking Imprest Activity

For information on reviewing the log of all interactions with the Imprest, please click here.

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