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Form Configuration

Organisation Administrators will now be able to create custom forms using a range of pre-configured modules. The current modules available include those required for Adult and Child Health checks.

If you would like to discuss the options for creating additional modules please contact the MMExHelpdesk and one of our team will make contact.

Create a Form

Click on Create New Form Configuration

Define the properties of your form:

Form Name:

  • Free Text Field for recording the name of the form that will be visible to users in your organisation.
  • Consider the purpose of the form and ensure the name makes it easy for users to know which form to choose.

Strengths and Challenges:

  • In many of the form modules, there is a Strengths and Challenges section. In some modules information auto-populates into this field. The information can be edited and added to as free-text.
  • This information subsequently populates a summary section, and also auto-populates a Progress Notes with the relevant headings.

Action Plan Buttons: In the Action Plan section (Where Strengths and Challenges are recorded), displays a range of action buttons including:

  • Create Referral
  • New Task
  • Go to Care Plans
  • Open Letter Writer
  • Add Appointment

Uploaded documents:

  • Allows users of the form to upload documents directly from the form.


Click on the Add Module button.
A pop up window will appear with the list of available modules. Click on the one you want to select and click Add. (Add is at the bottom of the form)

Options include:

Aged Care Services Allergies Birth History
Bowels and BladderChild DevelopmentEar Health
Education & Employment Eye Assessment Falls Risk Assessment
Family & Carer Relations General Health Immunisations
Investigations Lifestyle Assessments Medical History
MedicationsMental Health and Wellbeing Nutrition
ObservationOral Health Pain Assessment
Parenting Physical Activity Physical Examination
Sexual and Reproductive Health Sleep Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
Social and Environment

As you select a module, it will be removed from the pop-up list. Once you have the modules you want included in your form, you can drag and drop to move the modules to your preferred order. Click and hold the item you wish to move and drag it to your preferred position.

Edit Help Text

You have the option of adding or editing Help Text for each module. This may include instructions for Clinicians regarding how the module is to be used, conversation prompts or other locally relevant instructions. Click on the Edit Help Text button

A popup with a free text field will open.

Enter your text and click Save
Clicking outside of the popup window will also close it without saving.

The user will see the help text as a button next to the module title. When they click on it, the help text will display in a pop up.

Saving the Form

Click on Save Form Configuration button to save the form you have created. The form will be immediately available to users from your organisation.

Created Forms

Forms created by the Organisation will display in a table on this page.

All forms in this table will be seen by users of your organisation, on the Forms Page, under the heading Custom Forms. They will also be seen in the Forms Selection list on the Clinical Summary page.

Custom forms will be able to be marked as favourites as with all other forms.

You can Edit a form by clicking on Edit.

You may Delete a form by clicking on Delete. NB: there is no second warning/confirmation of delete. If a form is deleted inadvertently, you will need to re-create it.

A deleted form will no longer be available to you users, however all assessments previously completed with the form will remain in the patient record.

Using Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be configured across a range of age groups. It is not necessary to create a different form for each age group.

When the patient is selected, the form will default with the questions that are relevant to the patient's

  • age
  • gender
  • ATSI status.

However, a user can override the form's auto-configuration by changing the Age Relevance, Gender or ATSI status using the drop down menus at the top of the form. Please ensure you have the correct selection before you start completing the form, if you change one of these selections after entering information into the form, the data will be lost.

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