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Diagnostic Test Templates

Diagnostic Test Templates

Change content to org focussed Diagnostic Templates are managed at two levels:

  1. User Level - Manage Diagnostic Test Templates, only available to users with Diagnostics/Reports permission set to “write”.
  2. Org level – Diagnostic Template Management Tab in Organisation Centre, functions as per other template management screens

To access the Diagnostic Test Templates creation page, follow the link from the Pathology form.
Or from the Settings menu open Manage Diagnostic Test Templates

Click on Add New template

Give the template a name and select whether the template will be visible to your organisation, or only to yourself (select Available to Organisation - No for this option.)

In the template content area, start typing a diagnostic test name and select it from the list. Repeat this for each test you wish to include in the test template. This list is populated by the SNOMED CT database. The list also recognises common test name abbreviations in the search.

If a test you want to include is not found in the list, it may be added as a custom diagnostic test.
Click on Add New Custom Diagnostic Test
Enter the test name and click OK
NB: Record one test per entry - a comma separated list of tests is not valid.

When all of the desired tests have been added, one at a time, to the template, click Save

You will see the test available in the Templates list. you may modify the test properties and visibility at any time.

The test group will now appear in the Tests Required list.

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