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Custom Terminology Sets

Org Administrators with the Custom Terminology Sets permission set to Allow will see the tab Custom Terminology Sets.
A custom terminology set will be used in different places with the clinical record and will be defined to have an attribute treatment, finding/diagnosis or allergen.

Create Terminology Set

Items can be added to each set from SNOMED-CT as the source database. Items within the set can be grouped using a category. Users will be able to search these coded fields by category as well as name.

Click on Add New Set.
Define the set Name and Attribute Type. NB: You may only have one set of each type.

Click Add New Item to start adding items to the terminology set by selecting from the complete SNOMED CT list.

For each item you wish to add, choose it from the SNOMED CT data base.

You may also set a category for items- this assists users to access a filtered section of the list as they will be able to search by category first.

Build your list until it is complete, then click Save.

Share Terminology Set

From the Custom Terminology Sets page, for the list you wish to share with another organisation, select Share With from the Action Menu.

Select the organisation you wish to share the list with.
Click Share, then Close.

The shared with organisation will be able to see the terminology set, but will not be able to interact with the content.

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