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Organisation Administration - Connect

Is available on the Organisation Centre and is available by navigating to the 'Settings' menu icon along the left side of the MMEx window. And then select 'Organisation Centre'

You then select the 'Connect' tab.

This page will list any SMS Accounts that have been set up for your organisation.

Testing SMS account

You can test your SMS Provider account to ensure there are no issues with sending from within MMEx. This is useful if you are experiencing SMS reminders not being sent to your patients. You should also check with your SMS Provider to ensure they are not experiencing any internal outages or issues.

From the SMS Setup section, select the 'Test' button on the far right hand side of the 'provider' SMS setup section.

You will now see a pop up window to send a test SMS message to any mobile phone (so long as there is credit in your account).

Please keep the following in mind before sending any test SMS message.

You will not see any error message if there is enough credit on your SMS provider account and you will then receive your test SMS message. Messages are stored and sent by MMEx every 30 minutes.
Please record any error message that may appear to assist in any investigation if you need to contact the MMEx helpdesk.

Add New SMS Provider

click on Add New SMS Provider button. Enter the relevant details and click Add.

MMEx supports customers with SMS functionality provided via:

  • MMEx SMS - backed by Essendex MMEx SMS offers the reliability of Essendex SMS services at substantially discounted rates
  • Esendex - directly

Modify a provider

You can edit or delete a Provider by clicking Edit or Delete.

Edit SMS Provider

Click on Edit. The following window will open. enter the updated details and click Update.

Delete SMS Provider

Click on Delete. This is a single step action that cannot be undone.

Test SMS settings.

Click Test to Test the SMS settings.

An SMS Test window will open that will enable you to enter a phone number and text to be sent.

Please Note: This will send an SMS immediately and will be charged to the account specified. Long text messages will not be truncated in this test but rather split across multiple SMS

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