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Organisation Administration - Billing

Location Certificates

  • To use online claiming capabilities of billing in MMEx, each organisation must have a Location ID.
  • This Location certificate is recorded here.

Invoice Header

  • Upload a template for your organisation's invoices

Billing Settings

Display Settings

Display Provider List Filter - Yes/No

  • Displays an additional drop-down list next to the provider selection lists to aid in filtering large lists.

Medicare Settings

Days until Expiry - free text field

  • Maximum number of days elapsed before a claim can be manually reconciled.
  • Enter a number in the free text field and click Save

Bulk Billing Incentive

Enable automatic addition of bulk billing incentive items - check box. When selected, additional option will display:

  • Incentive Item to be added - drop down menu with items 10990, 10991, 10992
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