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From the Patient Record click on the Patient Widget and select Ophthalmology from the Speciality column.

Eye Health History Previous History will show in Visit, click on the drop down arrow to access the required date.

To record a patient's eye health, start by entering the date. You can use the calendar button for easy selection if desired. Select any recorded data from the relevant drop down lists, remembering that the box on the left is representative of the patient's right eye, and vice versa. To overwrite a pre-existing record, simply click the Save button.
To create a new record, click the New button. You can then browse through existing records using the View drop down list by date.

Progress Notes will display from the Patient Record.
New Progress Notes can be added, which will also display in the Patient Record.

Ocular History Search for the condition in the Search box, ensuring that you select Ocular. Forms can be selected from the drop down list, Select the Form and click Add.

Entering review details
Select from the drop down list the next review timeframe and the required appointment type

Surgical Booking
When recording a surgery, first select whether both, just the left or just the right eye(s) were operated on. Select the type of surgery and the date on which it occurred. Click Save and you should see your new surgery record listed in the table below.

Files and File Uploads Various files can be uploaded and stored against a patient's ophthalmology record.
To store a new file, select the type of file from the list of options at the top of the New Files area and click on the Upload File button.

Sending Referrals Click on the Referrals tab and click Add Referral.

Type the name of the doctor you are referring to into the Refer to box and select the name from the drop down list.
Select the priority from the drop down list and add any comments, then click Send.

Receiving Referrals

When sent an ophthalmology referral, it will show in your MMEx inbox. To open it, simply click on it.

At the bottom of the referral message, click on the Click here to review referral link to go to the patient's opthalmology record.

Towards the bottom of the opthalmology screen you can find the details of the referral listed in a table. To add review details, click the Review button.

In the box that appears, select the time period for the next review and the location for the review from the drop down lists. Enter any other relevant notes into the text box provided and click Send.

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