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Record Observations

Observations can be recorded by clicking New Observation:

  • on the Clinical Summary page or
  • on the Observations tab

Observations can also be recorded in Care plan activities and in a range of forms throughout MMEx.

In the observations entry screen, you will see a drop down list of templates and a select button.

Click on the drop down list and select the observation templates that you wish to use. These templates are configured by your organisation administrator, in the Organisation Centre.

Click Select Templates.
The selected templates will display in the pop up along with a section for Extra Observations where you can add observations that are not included in the selected templates.

  • If there are duplicate observation fields on the screen in multiple templates, when you enter an observation in one field, the data will populate any identical fields on the screen.
  • If you remove a template after entering data, but before saving your observations, the observations WILL NOT be saved.

View Observations

Table view

Observations can be viewed on the Observations tab. Most recent observations are displayed at the left side of the screen and older observations to the right. Observations are grouped and display under their relevant group name. Where an observation has more than one result recorded on a single date, you will see a icon. Click on the icon to reveal the multiple entries.

Graph view

Observations can also be viewed on a graph. Click on the Graph button to reveal the blank observations graph. Set the desired date range and from the drop down list, select the observations that you wish to plot and click Add Plot. Observations are listed by group. Observations will be displayed on the graph with a range of colours and axes used when multiple data sets are chosen.

Click Print Graph to produce a PDF of the graph and observations with patient details included.

View Pathology Results Only

Open the Observations tab to see the display of all recorded observations.
Adjacent to the date filters you will see an option to view Only Pathology Lab results.

Check the box and click the Filter button and the list of displayed obs will only include those received via incoming pathology results.

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