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Special note regarding NCSP pathology results

Pathology results received into MMEx match to patient data types using LOINC - Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes - the universal standard for identifying health measurements, observations, and documents.

A pathology lab includes these codes in the HL7 message received by MMEx so that MMEx can automatically match the result to the correct observation.

In the case of NCSP (introduces 1/12/2017) there are no LOINC codes currently available. Pathology labs have no codes to include in their results and consequently MMEx has no codes to match in the system when results are received.

From Royal College of Pathologists Australia:

“The Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer (SPR) Project has published the Structured reporting protocol for excision and colposcopic biopsies performed for the diagnosis and treatment of pre-invasive Cervical neoplasia (1st edition 2017) on the RCPA website in response to the NCSP project.

(The RCPA's) Pathology Information, Terminology and Units Standardisation (PITUS) Project…provide the guidelines, terminology and information models for requesting and reporting pathology, and this includes publishing reporting terminology (LOINC codes) for pathology tests. Unfortunately there isn’t currently a list of standardised reporting terminology (LOINC codes) for the above protocol, but it is on the roadmap for a future PITUS Project.”
(email - 18/01/2018)

When these LOINC codes are available they will be activated in MMEx and your results will autopopulate observations and mark care plan activities as complete.

We understand that the absence of these codes creates difficulty in tracking patients who are overdue for testing but this is not within the control of the MMEx team.

Manually recording results as an observation

When reviewing a Cervical Screening result, open the Processed Observation Results section.

From the drop down list, select Cervical Screening,and click Add Observation

Select the result outcome.

Then click Update Observation Results

Confirmation text will display.

The result will:

  • Populate the patient's Observations
  • Mark off any Care Plan activities configured with that observation
  • Be available for reporting.

NB: Cervical Screening observation can be added to a reviewed result retrospectively if this step has been missed. On the Diagnostics/Reports worklist, on the Results tab, use the keyword search field to filter the list to show all results that include relevant test names.

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