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Insights Report Scheduler

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With the appropriate User permissions, only available to users who hold an Insights reporting licence, on the Settings menu, you will see an Insights menu item. The sub-menu includes the Insights Report Schedule. Click on this.

Add a new Scheduled Report

Click on Add new Insights report schedule.

You will be taken to the following page:

Complete the following fields:

  • Name: Give the report a name. This will be the title of the secure message the report is sent in.
  • Report Frequency: Set the frequency that you want this report to be run and sent to the recipient.
  • Beginning at: Set the date and time for the reporting to commence
  • Report Format: Choose from PDF or CSV
  • Insights User: the name of the person who holds the Insights Licence
  • Report Site: Select the list of available sites
  • Report Workbook: select from the list of Available workbooks - this is the list of report categories that is available in Insights
  • Report View: Select the Report Dashboard view that you want to see in the report.
  • Custom View User Name: the Insights username of the person who created the Custom View. You can obtain this by opening up the custom view in Insights. In the Address bar, you will see the user name between the Dashboard name and the Custom View Name

  • Custom View Name: Name of the Custom View that has been configured in Insights. You can obtain this by opening up the custom view in Insights. In the Address bar, you will see custom view name between the username and the end of the address line

  • Recipients: Select the name of the MMEx users who you want to receive a copy of the report via Secure Message.

Click Save.

When the report is run, the named recipients will receive a secure message with the report attached.

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