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MMEx Quick Start

Logging in to MMEx

MMEx works through any modern web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

First connect to the MMEx webserver by typing the URL below into the address bar of the browser, which will lead you to the MMEx login screen.

Next, enter your MMEx username and MMEx password into the two text fields and then click the Login button, or just press the Enter key.

You are now logged in to MMEx.

If you have multiple accounts for different locations, you can switch to your current location using the name menu in the top right corner of your screen. To find out more about Getting started with MMEx, click here.

Resetting MMEx Password

Password Reset

If your password is not working, or you have forgotten the password for your MMEx account.

The following message will appear if the details you entered are correct. Click on ‘Back to Login page’.

Go to the MMEx logon page and click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link.

Enter your MMEx username and MMEx registered email address. This is the email address used when your MMEx account was created and set up. Then select ‘Reset’.

You will receive an email from MMEx with your new, temporary password.

Here is an example only of an email using the ‘Forgot Password?’ link.

        Dear “User”,
        We have received a request to reset your MMEx login password.
        Your new one time password is: z4G2Fbo7LBs9
        You will be requested to change this password upon first login.

Copy the password from the email.
Note: Ensure there are no spaces copied from the email. The reset will not work if any spaces are copied across.

Return to the login page and enter your username and password from the email.

You will be asked to set and confirm a new password. Once entered, click Update Password.
Note: You will not be able use a previously used password

You will now be at the MMEx ‘Home’ screen and logged in ready to use MMEx.


Profile Settings

To edit your profile settings and create your Signature:

Click on My Profile in the Preferences section of the Settings Side Menu.

You can add or change any of your details using the text boxes, as shown in Figure 2 below. To save the changes, click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.

MMEx won't let you save your profile unless the following fields are complete:

  • Title
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail
  • Mail Address
  • Telephone Number

Doctors, please ensure that your provider and prescriber numbers are complete and current.

For online Medicare claiming, your Medicare location ID and provider type must also be filled in.

To find out more about Managing your profile, click here.

Mailbox Settings

The Mailbox Settings feature helps you organise your messages into separate mailboxes. This page can be located on the Messaging side menu.

To find out more about Mailbox Settings, click here.

Calendar and Appointments

Open Calendars by clicking on the Calendar link in the Facility option of the Side Menu.
Click on Manage Calendars

In Manage Calendars, click on Add New Calendar


You can create a Practitioner Calendar, or a Custom Calendar. .

Practitioner Calendar

From the drop down list, select the user for whom you wish to create the calendar. Click Add Calendar.

A line of green text will display to indicate successful creation of the calendar.

To modify the Calendar properties, you will need to click Back to return to the Manage Calendars page, locate the user in the list of calendars and click on Modify to access the Calendar properties.

Custom Calendar

In the Title box, enter the name of the calendar you wish to create. A custom calendar may define Clinics, or Rooms, depending on the type of service you provide and how you manage your appointment bookings and consultations. Click Add Calendar.

The Update Calendar window will open automatically to allow you to modify the Calendar properties.

To see more about Calendars, Calendar Properties and Appointments, click here.

Book an Appointment

From the Calendar, find an available appointment time for the relevant clinician or Clinic.

  • Double click in the time space. This opens a new dialogue box
  • The Calendar, date and time will default to the ‘space’ that you clicked into

If you have selected the wrong calendar, date or time, these can all be changed in this appointment details window.

Patients: select the patient for the appointment using

  • Pick a Patient (this opens the Patient Search function) or
  • Type patient name into Search box and click Search

  • Double-click on the Patient's name to select them.
  • This will auto-populate into Patients

When all information is correctly entered, click Add

Creating Patient Records

Click on Add New patient in the Patients side menu, or click on New Patient in the Patient side menu

Enter all of the known information into the relevant fields. The only fields that are mandatory at this stage are the name fields, date of birth (DOB) and medicare number. You can indicate that there is no medicare number available using the check box provided. All dates must be entered into MMEx following the format: dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 17/05/1982.

Once you have finished, click Save to view the Patient Details page, or Save & Open to start adding notes to the patient's clinical record.

You can always get back to this page by opening the patient record & click on Edit Details under the Patient Avatar OR in the Patient Icon menu, select Demographics, under Patient Details.

To find out more about Patient Record Management, click here.

Open Patient Record from Appointment

Left Click on the appointment. An appointment Details pop-up will open. Click on the blue underlined patient name to open the patient record.

Quick Guide to Clinical Record

In the middle of the screen you will see the Clinical Record Navigator

Use the Navigator's arrows to move through the menu, or click on the displayed title to see the complete list of Primary Clinical Record screens

To find out more about the Clinical Record click here.

If you get "lost"

If you get “lost” but want to remain in the Patient Record, click on the Home in the Patient Widget

If you get “lost” but want to exit the patient record, click on the Close Patient in the Patient Widget

Closing the Patient Record

To close the patient record, click on Close Patient in the Patient Widget menu

Please refer to the online help manual for more details about the features of MMEx. The Left Side Menu displays Section headings. Alternatively enter a search term in the Search box in the top right hand corner to find something specific.

Browser Warnings

You may at times see something like this when you move away from a page, even if you have not made any changes to any data, or have anything to save. It occurs as a result of javascript used in the Chrome browser.

If it frustrates you, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or IE10 is an alternate browser.

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